By Anonymous - 26/04/2011 13:56 - United Kingdom

Today, I lied to my diary about my weight. FML
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she's cheating on her diary with a sexy little journal.


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You could have worked for Nixon back in the day.

op reads it. isn't that enough? OP is lying to her self that's Sad tbh..!!

Yeah, she'd have some huge lying to do in her diary.

Her diary would've mocked her for being overweight

there are some things that you just don't want to accept about yourself and this is how self-denial forms. FYL, OP.

P90X isn't for overweight people it's for ppl who want to get jacked I'm on day 35 and it's pretty extreme

from your picture do you lie to your journal too lol

Sounds like you need to face reality!!!

I know but allot of people have lost alot of weight doing it. I've completed 2 rounds and I love it!

that comment was for 87. 91 you probably couldn't keep up. don't hate.

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some people can't lose it that easily.

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P90X is a ******* joke along with that bullshit called Zumba.

Not everyone has the time to do battling ropes or martial arts. There are some people that just like to look good without having to train for a specific sport.

time to bust out some insanity work out vids!

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I can't help but laugh when I saw Ur comment hahha I'm so sorry

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Someone's in denial!!!!!!

lol ... I tried to think of a witty comment but couldn't! I just laughed

I posted almost the exact same post to someones FML yesterday.....hmmm suspicious??

lol I sat there tying to think of something shallow and pedantic and i got nothing FML lol

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yes, shallow and pedantic indeed.

Can't think of a witty comment or thought? How about this: wow OP not only do you lie to yourself but then you want attention for it by posting it as a FML moment. Quit being an attention grabbing pussy and go outside and get some exercise! Were you REALLY expecting everyone to pat you on the back and tell you "everythings going to be ok"?

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I deffinately laughed. out loud and stuff.

ydi. maybe try diet and exercise... I've found it works much better than wishing and lying.

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she's in the first step, which is denial.

she's just trying to impress the diary fairy!!! duh!!!

yeah totally. eat less, move more. it's been working for me.

why does everyone assume she's overweight? it could just as easily be an eating disorder. perhaps she's been told she needs to gain weight but doesn't want to.

Just be honest with yourself and then make lifestyle changes! : ) It'll come off before you know it.

There is a possibility that OP is trying to gain weight.

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127, how many people do you know that lie about gaining weight?

Either way, lifestyle changes can be made. A person trying to gain weight can add lots of healthy carbs, nuts and other calories to their diet. A person trying to lose weight can put sweets out of sight and eat fruit instead to satisfy cravings. Everything makes a difference!

oh my god! your name, "ladies man" and then ur pic, I thought u were a girl!!! hahaha lmao!

was it because you thought someone might see it? I can understand that. but if it's because you're in denial, well then there's not much point in lying to yourself.

wtf? All my fml are rejected and this one is accepted even though its already been said but instead of the diary it was a running machine..

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why are you still inside and on the computer . go outside and run around .

Don't feel guilty for lying to your diary, he talks shit about you behind your back