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Today, it's been 3 months since my dog scratched my 9 year old granddaughter after she walked over and repeatedly kicked him. My daughter has disowned me and won't let me see my own grandchildren until I have my companion of 11 years "destroyed". FML
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Clearly some adults haven't realized what your granddaughter either has by now or needs to: that there are consequences for actions and that animals are not punching bags.


You should also take karate, kick the crap out of her and see her not defend herself

Throw in the parent card while you're at it.

Yep. I'm really close to shove my hand through the wall right now.

Maybe you should disown her until she teaches her children properly.

Clearly some adults haven't realized what your granddaughter either has by now or needs to: that there are consequences for actions and that animals are not punching bags.

Clearly the dog isn't the only bitch in the family.

Remember, children learn from somewhere. Maybe mommy is using animals as punching bags. The bitch better not be, but it is a possibility.

Maybe you should put a muzzle on that bitch... And I don't mean your dog.

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I have never seen a comment with so many negative votes....

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?? shots fired!! Haha, totally agree.

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"You raised her" is such an ignorant excuse to justify people's ill-logic. You do realize that people eventually develop their own sense of morality, too, right? And it's mostly the parents' job to guide their children in a good way but there are so many things that obviously influence the way someone thinks. This has nothing to do with "nature vs nurture", the simple truth is that some people need to get their heads out of their asses.

I take great pride in knowing that I am not my parents. I have my own views. I am a distinct entity from them. Don't even bother with nature vs. nurture, #5; OP didn't shape a human out of clay and sculpt her with a cactus up her butt and the personality of a bloated mosquito.

Please, get your head out of your ass, it's not a hat.

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To top it off, you didn't read the FML right. It's her granddaughter, silly!!!! The daughter disowned the OP, which is the grandmother...which means OP's not raising her you idiot!!!!!

71, it's the granddaughter that kicked the dog. her mom aka the daughter disowned her mom aka op. the op raised the daughter.

#71 everyone realizes that, they are commenting on how bad the daughter is for disowning him, not the granddaughter for kicking the dog. The granddaughter clearly has issues but she's only nine, but I'm guessing the daughter is old enough not to have her head up her ass by now

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I am 18 and the only habit I picked up from my father is my spending habit. #5

Only nine? Nine is old enough to not be a dipshit

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How do parents and children disagree then?

It's absolutely ridiculous when anyone scapegoats an animal for their child's bad behavior.

I agree. I see news articles on Facebook all the time about dogs being put down because they bit a child. Most of the time, it was because the child was doing something they weren't supposed to. Think of it this way: A person comes up to you, pushes you around and calls you names. You then proceed to knock the absolute **** out of them. You get recognized by the news, and then you are ordered to be put in the electric chair. It isn't right and it pisses me off.

#6 totally agree. especially when the dog only scratched the child! the dog didn't even bite the kid!

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I completely agree with #25 and #6 here.. I work in the field of veterinary medicine… and I see WAY too many dogs come in by animal control asking us to euthanize because they bit someone… sadly, it's normally in self defense… and the bites are rarely that bad.. The best is almost when they don't have a rabies vaccine, because then you put them under quarantine for 10 days. If they don't show any aggressive tendencies, you can usually get them off of death row…. It's really really sad… Dogs have teeth and claws… and no other way to stand up for themselves. What do you expect?

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me too, #77, pisses me completely off.

#25 Did you hear about the puppy that got thrown out of the moving car? I completely agree I do not know how animals can be treated so badly. I don't know how someone could do any of that to an innocent animal anyway.

Have you ever heard of Marina Abramovic? She did this experiment where she did not move for 6 hours. She placed in front of the audience several items both pleasurable and destructive including a loaded gun, scissors, a rose with thorns, a feather, olive oil, honey, etc... She placed a sign that allowed the audience to use any of the items on her. At first the audience was cautious and used things like the feather to play against her skin, then as time passed and she refused yo move they became more violent towards her tearing her clothes, jabbing thorns in her stomach and one person even pointed the loaded pistol at her head while another took it away. She discovered that if you leave it up to other people, they will kill you.

#25 in some cases that's not true when I was attacked by a dog I wasn't being mean to the dog iv never hit an animal and would never hurt one for amusement. The dog just attacked me and now I have a scar on my face to prove that sometimes it's not the attacked sometimes it's the attacker.

Well, I'm sure she'll think twice before kicking another dog.

At least we hope she will. But if her mom doesn't teach her that that behaviour is wrong and has consequences she may not. I think it's so important for people to teach young kids how to deal with animals they don't know.

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One of the worst things is when children shove their faces in random dogs' faces and their parents just stand there watching. Putting your face in a dog's face (and also looking them in the eyes while you do it) is a challenge and can easily get you bitten. But of course, when a dog defends itself, it's considered a dangerous animal.

Something very similar happened with my two sister in laws awhile back. My nephew was antagonizing my sisters rescue dog and the dog nipped him. He wasn't even that hurt but my sister in law filed a lawsuit and tried to get the dog put to sleep! My sister had to send her dog away to protect him and her and sister in law haven't talked since. (It's been years) Now my nephew is older and has an irrational fear of dogs because his mother made such a big deal out of what happened.

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Such a sad time for kids of those "parents"

I was bitten by my aunt's dog when I was a toddler. I still remember it pretty vividly. The dog was eating a treat and I went to pet him. He was food aggressive so he snapped at my hand. I was surprised and didn't know why the dog did that, but once I got bandaged up my mom explained that the dog thought I was going to take his treat away. The dog wasn't put down to my knowledge, and to this day I love dogs. That experience just made me pay more attention to their body language and understand them better. If my mom had made a big deal about it I probably would also be afraid of dogs.

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We had a family dog my whole life, so I was good with dogs. I was 5 and my parents were helping move a friend. I was idly petting their dog while it walked by, and it turned and bit my hand badly. I was the third child this dog sent to the hospital. By law it had to be put down, sadly.

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Yeah..... When your 9 year old starts kicking the **** out of an innocent animal, I'd say that's a fail. Not when your grown up kid starts acting like a stupid bitch

I think #9 was talking about OPs daughter failing as a mother to the granddaughter. I mean he said FYL, not YDI. At least that's how I took it.

Well there's only one thing you can do, time to lose you daughter.