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Back and forth and back again

  Today, my girlfriend broke up with me over a stupid argument, but after a long day we made up and got back together. Not long afterwards, my friend called, feeling guilty and confessing that he had sex with her after finding out she'd dumped me. FML
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sorry, even though it was while you two broke up, it really shows how much she doesn't actually care for you. I'm a girl and have seen/been through it all- and every one of the girls I know would agree that she is 1) an easy slut 2) a waste of your time and 3) you should break up with her permanently. good luck OP

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

@26 It depends on the case. My ex and I got in a semi stupid argument, and he dumped me (he blocked me from all communication from him). I was absolutely heart broken (I love/d him) and he was my first bf in 2 years. I'm a domestic violence and sexual abuse survivor so I was in the midst of recovering when dating him. When he dumped me, I (regret deeply to say) slept with a guy the next day. I thought if the man I love didnt find me good enough to stay with (first healthy relationship I was in), then I must be just good for sex (common for rape victims to feel that way). He actually messaged me 30 minutes the next day after I got back from said guys house. He saw my snap with a guy and knew what I did, but forgave me because he undetstood my past/fucked up mindset and thankfully we got back together.
Idk why I felt like sharing my story. But maybe that's why OPs gf did what she did. Most likely not though.

  tantanpanda  |  26

#76, good story, but the difference between her and you is that she did the dumping. For her to dump OP, screw with someone else, then ask to be back together is ridiculous.

  HighasaCloud  |  46

Same exact thing happened to someone I used to know. Slutty girlfriend waited for something, anything, to fabricate an argument over then dumped her boyfriend to attend my old friend's birthday party that night where she fucked him then got back together with her boyfriend the next day. When he found out, she had the balls to say "That's none of your business, I was single when that happened."

  garrett_8614  |  14

Yea I'm with you on that. Looks to me like she planned this as an excuse. My guess as to what happened is that OPs girlfriend left after "breaking up" then went to OPs friends house, threw herself at him and slept with him. Then got back with her bf. Then OPs friends felt bad about what just happened and told his friend.

Of course that's just what I THINK happened, could be a different situation, but from my perspective, OPs girlfriend is the true enemy here, and should be single from here on out.

By  juststephhere  |  23

I feel like as your friend, he should've waited more than a day... And she really shouldn't have done that in the first place. Even if you two were broke up, if she was planning on getting back together with you she should've waited.


Who said that she planned on getting back with the OP ever?
It sounded like it was a pretty nasty break up and it took her the rest of the day (and some random sex it seems) to realise that she actually did want him back.

  Just_A_Tree  |  20

Or maybe she wanted his friends dick and an excuse to not feel guilty about having sex with him. Either way, OP's (hopefully ex) friend sucks and his girlfriend should have her status of single and ready to mingle immediately restored.

  Gooberglop  |  12

#21, it could hardly be called random sex if she broke up with OP, then had sex with his friend within 24 hours. It was a scummy move on the friend and the girlfriend's parts.

By  BubbleGrunge  |  18

She doesn't really seem worth it anyway, OP. People that break up with their significant others over petty things need to mature before starting a serious relationship again. Thank her for showing her true colors and move on.

By  Jesse_Bitch  |  9

They are both horrible for doing that to you, no doubt. Your friend at least felt guilty and didn't try to hide it from. That might at least be a friendship worth trying to save. Your call of course.