By doodlecrzyMeg - 04/02/2016 18:56 - United States - Mattoon

Today, I had to hide in the closet all morning because my 22-year-old boyfriend didn't want to admit to his parents that he had his girlfriend stay the night. FML
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nonsensical 26

That was terrible of him to do to you, yet at the same time if he's not supposed to have girls spending the night in his room (as he is still living under his parents' roof), you 2 probably should've found a different place or simply not do it... The time will come when you will have your freedom!

Were there at least snacks in the closet?


kred 21

Time for him to man up.

moocowmilk0 19

the ogrelord has spoken

doodlecrzyMeg 15

Well if Shrek told me to then I guess I have to.

Time to call R Kelly

Do you want R Kelly to piss all over the poor girl?!?

mwali02 32

So what will that be? R. Kelly: Trapped in the Closet, Chapter 34? Thanks to OP, the sequel could be continued in 2016! Lmao! Seriously though, so sorry for your situation OP! You two definitely need to discuss strategies to make sure that this doesn't happen again... Unless being trapped in the closet becomes your thing! ;)

Strategy 1: Tell boyfriend you aren't staying in a closet. Proceed to walk out the front door. Strategy 2: Have relations elsewhere until boyfriend moves out of his parents' house. Strategy 3: Realize boyfriend's parents probably already know OP's there. Refer to strategy 1 and walk out the front door.

Why? So he can pull out his gun?

nonsensical 26

That was terrible of him to do to you, yet at the same time if he's not supposed to have girls spending the night in his room (as he is still living under his parents' roof), you 2 probably should've found a different place or simply not do it... The time will come when you will have your freedom!

flyingflies 36

Oh c'mon! Yeah, you're right, maybe they deserved it because they didn't follow the rules...but suggesting they find another place or just control themselves? If she's 22, let's assume that the boyfriend is around the same age and is still somewhat dependent on his parents. At this age, not many people have their feet under them having a place of their own isn't a possibility. Also, having to abstain, to have this person right next to you that turns you on and don't act on it? They're in a relationship and they desire each out - it's obvious they'll try to get it on somewhere, even if it's less than ideal. I know they didn't play by the rules, but be real, if life would be about following all the rules that society imposes, it would be horrible. So yeah, you are right, but this kind of self-righteous view of life isn't going to make you happy in the long run.

nonsensical 26

It's temporary. If they don't like it, be honest with his parents. I didn't say they shouldn't have sex, I said she shouldn't have slept over. She could've just as easily left after the sex and slept at her house, or not complain about the fact that she had to hide in a closet all morning. That's all I'm saying.

ChopSuey444 20

Bottom line, if it's not your house, don't disrespect the rules. It doesn't matter if you're 13 or 30, if your parents provide the roof then they have a right to not have unwelcome guests.

doodlecrzyMeg 15

FlyingFlies you're right. I'm 22 as well and even I believe I deserved to sit in that closet. We were stupid and spent the night even thinking his parents would be gone. We made a clean escape but it was way too close. (His parents are super religious and don't approve of sex before marriage). We should totally not have done it.

kittykat1501 31

#69 the boyfriend's age is 22, not hers.

Were there at least snacks in the closet?

Ah, the important question

doodlecrzyMeg 15

there was not..there was pokemon cards though :D

No worry OP: eventually everyone who's in the closet manage to get out of it. Takes more or less time.

as a lesbian I appreciate your comment. I laughed a little too hard. thanks for the laugh

doodlecrzyMeg 15

As a bisexual, I appreciate your comment and I did come out of the closet later that day ;D

kittykat1501 31

that is what I thought as soon as I saw "closet".

I think he's being respectful. if he still lives with his parents, depending on how he was brought up, it might be disrespectful for him to keep a girl so through the night under their roof.

@6: Then that's not exactly respectful if he knows they wouldn't approve of it.

So keeping a girl in a closet all morning is considered respectful? What Bizzaro world do you live in?

he had a girl for the night despite his parents rules, regardless. and then hid her in his closet... what part of that is respectful?

doodlecrzyMeg 15

Thank you. We thought that too. His parents would not have been too happy about that. We successfully hid and made our escape without notice though.

He is too old for that. Tell him to explain the situation to them

Even at his age, it's still their house and their rules. And his income may not provide enough for him to have his own place.

Assuming he pays rent there the parents can no longer dictate whether he has sex or not.

ShannonBitt 29

Exactly #9 and #29. I'm pretty sure landlords can even dictate whether you're allowed to have people spend the night. Especially if you're renting a room in their house.

No, his income may not be enough for him to afford a place as nice as his parents' house. Find some roommates, be willing to live in less luxurious accommodations, give up non-essentials (ie cable and Netflix), and budget. Anybody who has a job can live someplace other than their parents' house.

flyingflies 36

Have you ever stopped to think that life isn't that easy? Yeah, you can give up Netflix and cable tv and eating out, but life can be pretty damn expensive. Think of the students or the highschool graduates that get jobs in the food industry - do you think that a McDonald's entry position pays for rent, food, cellphone, transport etc?

Ruskiy_Cherep 18

Hahaha hey hey hey come on now I just did the same thing few weeks ago, except I atleast had the decency to let her climb out my window and wait outside lol

Sure know how to treat a lady. I hope she's smart enough to make you single :)

#10: decency huh? You might wanna look up what that word means.

Wow. You're a douche.

Ruskiy_Cherep 18

I am single :)

Ruskiy_Cherep 18

I was obviously joking when I used that word I actually felt pretty bad about it but well its not my house, not my rules, which is pretty pathetic for a 21 year old I know..

Ruskiy_Cherep 18

But yes I regret making that mistake, I was pretty wasted when this whole thing went down and it was pretty funny at the time we actually laughed it off later but still it should never have happened in the first place

dannidoll93 24

22? Dude's parents need to relax a bit and realise their little boy is not so little any more.

Age tends to be irrelevant to parents if you're still living under their roof.

They need to relax? He needs to realize that until he pays the bills, he could be more respectful of the house rules.

Maybe he pays rent If so they are his landlord but that doesn't give them the right to forbid him to have sex.

I'm guessing you started at age 10

I agree lol. I'm 22 years old. Then again my parents are cool as fuck.

dannidoll93 24

Sex is natural and human. I mean, obviously be discreet and respectful, they don't want to hear you at it or anything. But at 22 years old (my age, coincidentally) they should understand the fact that he has sexual needs and let him explore them. I really don't understand why they would have a problem with it. And no, I wasn't ten, moron, I was 16, which is the legal age limit you'll notice, and me and my girlfriend are still together 6 years later. So I don't know what point you were trying to make there.

dannidoll93 24

Maybe he does pay bills. When I lived at home I began paying bills at 16. Why should his parents get to dictate whether he can have sex in his own room anyway? That's his space. As long as he's of age he should be able to do what he likes. That's his human right.

Unless OP is disabled or in college close enough to home to not need college housing, OPs parents have the right to be strict. I think they should be more strict. Little birdy needs to leave the nest.