By Rotarius - 23/08/2012 18:09 - Canada - Toronto

Today, instead of staying home, I took an hour-long bus ride in the middle of the night to my girlfriend's place because on the phone she said, "I desperately need your body right now". It turned out she was just cold. She is also on her period. FML
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At least you got to gaze upon her beautiful face, you cretin.

So you got to cuddle with your gf all night. That's not so bad in itself and I'm sure she was appreciative of the gesture. BTW, if she's willing, it's not like you can't have sex when she's on her period.


At least you got to gaze upon her beautiful face, you cretin.

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Possibly stare at her with your profile pic?

Your comment makes literally no sense. Please leave my thread, peasant.

Maybe the peasant part wasn't exactly necessary. Sorry.

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13- Gasp! The peasants have gained literacy! This marks the day where the landed gentry will be overthrown!

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Well you probably scored massive brownie points that will pay off in the end

Thank you, 39, for the incredibly insightful and relevant comment made as a response to mine. A true intellectual is in our midst.

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He got some major brownie points for that

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1, your profile pic is PATRICK and you're talking about intellect? Intellect + Patrick != Brain Functions, no matter how much you want it to, you cretin. Also wouldn't hurt to stop policing 'your' thread. Mods are on the case, always. Though usually they don't care about things like that.

lexeous... I see you are quite the dick.

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She could still give u head...

I'm sure you'd be equally happy just going down on a girl and just cuddling after she's finished... Oh wait, no girl would take you even if it was just to pleasure her! Grow up.

If for some reason my dick wasn't sexually functional for a week, I would totally still please my girl. It's the selfless thing to do. But luckily I'm a guy and this isn't the case.

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You are beautiful! Just thought I would let you know 113

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No sex for you then, Isn't that a damn shame...

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There's alway a opportunity for op to earn his red wings

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So you took the comment that was 15 comments in head of yours. Changed it around. Then put it as a response to mine... Good work.

The way she worded it, it sounded like she wanted sex. I can understand his disappointment when he realized he wouldn't be getting any.

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Speaking of sex and shame..has anyone seen Shame? The brilliant film with Fassbender..ah it isn't really relevant..**** it.. Cheers

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No look at 4 he obviously took that, and worded it differently. Don't call me a bitch, when you are sticking up for one.

Hopefully she was pleased to see you anyways! Or did you see red?

it's sad for her that her boyfriend wouldn't go to see her if he wasn't going to get sex

95, Assuming there were the proper channels of communication here I think he's got every right to be annoyed that his girlfriend would lead him on, make him travel a long distance in the middle of the night, and then cockblock him upon arrival. And yes, if she wasn't offering an incentive he wouldn't drag his ass out late and take the long trip just so he could lay next to her. He would wait until another time at an appropriate hour...because being apart for the night is not an issue.

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing, if the girl I love texted me that in the middle of the night I'd be excited to just to be next to her, sex or not.

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I agree with you. He's probably one of those guys who thinks with the dick.

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A little blood never hurt nobody

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"We need to work on our communication skills". - Will Smith 'Independence Day'

That is the best response I've heard on here nice one.

So you got to cuddle with your gf all night. That's not so bad in itself and I'm sure she was appreciative of the gesture. BTW, if she's willing, it's not like you can't have sex when she's on her period.

Shower times in the middle of the night? Ps, water (usually) temporary stops period flow. If you are comfortable with that, anyways.

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A true pirate isn't afraid to sail in the Red Sea.

47- Since when does water stop period flow..?

^ Seems like someone doesn't shower...

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Oh, please. It looks like a crime scene once you finished. That's disgusting

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True. I mean, really... It's just blood. Considering how many other fluids you exchange in sex, there's not much difference in the overall gross factor.

When the Red river's a flowin take the dirt road

Like all the time thats why when you showed u do g bleed as much DUH

If you're bottom half is under water it stops it, but showers don't.

Im sorry but my mind read this in an unimpressed tone cause of your picture

Yeah, wow *smacks OP upside the head.. that's for being selfish and for not appreciating a good cuddle. Also love the word "boo-fuckity-hoo" Ima use it too AND haha #136 said "ass coming"

It's not all about sex,just make your girlfriend some tea and cuddle her,she'll be grateful,trust me.

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Sweet best thing ever to do

Next time get her to be more specific about which body part she actually needs! Haha