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Today, my girlfriend tried to justify having a one night stand with some other guy, with the words, "I'm on my period, okay?!" She acted like I was crazy when I asked how the fuck that made any sense. FML
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as a girl I don't even understand this. I've been on my period for awhile now and not once has it caused me to have a one night stand

Just leave, she clearly doesn't care, and has the dumbest excuses.



as a girl I don't even understand this. I've been on my period for awhile now and not once has it caused me to have a one night stand

Cramps maybe but a one night stand is on her. yes shit happens but you can still choose whether or not to cheat or beat someone up or steal etc...

Side note for #1: How long is "a while" for you? If you've been on your period for more than a couple weeks, maybe consider seeing a doctor...

maybe she means she got it more than a few years ago sk she has experience with the ''side effects''

hugozac88 22

Man this is bloody crazy!! :D high five!!!.....anyone?!'ll be in my room *walks away in shame while dragging feet

Number #49, there are some birth controls that will make the female body either have no periods at all, spot just a little, or have very long, unnecessary periods. I know because I am one of the very unlucky ones. That may be her case.

(Not saying you think it is #78) That's no excuse though. My sister blames anything she does wrong on her having her period.

Me to I've been on mine for a month and a half straight now.

Just leave, she clearly doesn't care, and has the dumbest excuses.

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Agreed. Leave before it turns into anything worse, especially if it gets to Gone Girl worse...

I suggest you find another gf. This is probably not the first time she cheated on you if she saying that.

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she cheated. there's no excuses for that, and if she's trying to push the blame off of her and making you look crazy, it's time to move on

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Well when I am on my period I am 20x hornier than any other time. Maybe that is what she was intending. But the cheating part. I can't come up with anything. Sorry man

I get horny too. Doesn't give a girl free reign to **** the first guy who asks or an guy for that matter. No excuse unless she was possessed.

Ok but why don't take the boyfriend? There is no reason to cheat on someone.

Don't know why she's being thumbed down, she wasn't defending the girl, she just explained why a period was at all relevant.

#10: I don't think being possessed is a good enough excuse either.

Go screw another woman, and when your GF Complains tell her "She was on her period".

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As a member of the female sex, I have had, and continue to have, many periods but I'm still a virgin because, some girls (me included) get PMS but, not once, did I have a one night stand. I've never heard of that happening to anyone. You aren't supposed to have sex during your period anyways. This girl is crazy for trying to trick you. You deserve better.

Who says you're not supposed to have sex during your period? Also what does you being a virgin have to do with anything?

countryb_cth 38

You can have sex on your period. Most people just choose not to because of the blood but you can. Also why did you feel the need to say your a virgin?

It is completely fine to have sex on your period. In fact orgasms release endorphins which can ease menstrual cramps and headaches associated with PMT. You do however have to ensure that you are having SAFE sex as women are more susceptible to get STDs while the cervix is open to allow blood to pass through.

badluckalex 23

except the fact that it's gross?

Well they're not asking you to eat them out.

Why do people get so offended by the fact some people find period sex gross? I find blood gross in general and if I was straight I wouldnt want sex with someone on her period, at least not vaginally. Hell only time I will touch blood is if someones bleeding and they need urgent care

A good soldier can wade through blood. let the thumbs down begin ;)

When the river is red, take the journey to browns bay xD Period sex: Feeling like Moses as he parts the Red Sea.

Everything will get YDI, whether it is on accident or people are trying to be "funny".

Probably people on mobile hitting it on accident. I can't count the number of times I've had that happen :(