By assassinmaster
Today, I caught a lady attempting to steal a watermelon by putting it in her shirt. When I confronted her, she claimed to be pregnant and threatened to sue me and the store for discriminating against mothers. Nice try, but the watermelon fell out. FML
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  Project71  |  16


By  John Nemeth  |  14

Out all the things to steal she tries to steal one of the biggest fruits...
Aren’t they like five dollars? FFS people steal a tv or a computer that way you can sell it and get a couple months worth of watermelons.
I do not condone stealing FYI...

By  ViviMage  |  38

You are assuming her species?? Don't you know these millennials are my always human or their birth assigned gender? What is she really aligns as being a male seahorse that is pregnant with watermelon babies??

She should try stealing the melons in her bra instead.