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Today, while working at the pet store, I had to feed the snakes. I'd thawed too many mice, so instead of wasting one, I fed it to our turtles. They decided to play tug of war with it, ripping it in half in front of several terrified children. FML
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That sounds so horrific but for some reason I can't help but to giggle.

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I really doubt the "I like turtles" kid would have said that after watching this.


That sounds so horrific but for some reason I can't help but to giggle.

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R.I.P Mickey *palms together ready to pray*

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Hunger games is at least the same species against each other so your comment is irrelevant. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

39- A way to make hunger games relevant is to say the turtles are the mutts and the mice are the tributes

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The mice were already dead. They were frozen and thawed out. I don't see how this was like hunger games

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150- yes! That's exactly what I was thinking haha.

I can't believe there is still someone out there making weakest link references...

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39, your nose and chin are incredibly pointy.

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I really doubt the "I like turtles" kid would have said that after watching this.

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I can imagine him about to say it until he sees that happen lol

I can imagine him watching the horror unfold with his soulless, dead eyes and then slowly turning to you to mutter those immortal words, "I like turtles."

I used to have turtles, and the pet shop worker told me to feed them live goldfish :'(

A lot of amphibious turtles, or terrapins, eat almost nothing but meat as young turtles and develop a more vegetative diet as they get older. So, in other words, they are omnivores.

I used to have goldfish, but they got devoured by my new baby turtle.

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70 love your photo big fan of kingdom hearts

Not only turtles, but some species of tortoises are, too. I have a box tortoise ( I live in south Louisiana) and he is strictly carnivorous. He refuses all leafy greens and veggies. He does love meal worms and other insects, though. If you let him, he'll eat an entire container of meal worms. I usually put them on a paper plate so he can see them better and he noms them down. If one tries to crawl away he'll kick it back into play and eat it.

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They are omnivorous. I have a turtle and when he was a baby I had to feed him guppies then switch to more vegetables and turtle food. So he eats vegetables now.

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They are the alpha turtles that will soon take over the world.

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Can we PLEASE let "dafuq" and all its illegitimate siblings die? It wasn't really ever funny, and it's gotten downright stupid.

Say yolo again motherfu**er! I dare you! (Sam Jackson voice) This is how I imagine Doc when he's reading comments like this.

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I think it was about someone working at a pet store. She had to feed the snakes, but she realized that she thawed too many mice. So, she gave that mouse to the turtles. Unfortunately, children were watching. the turtles were playing tug-of-war with it, resulting in it being torn in half. I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

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Phuq yolo it's yoyo mother phuqer

31 - so are you saying "dafuq" and all other words not published in any official dictionary aren't worth existing in the English Language? You seriously wanna go through the controversy and the trouble to bin all of these words used by millions of language users? Good luck.

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^ you're probably the only one who has back talked the doc and gotten thumbs up. You sir, are a tank.

Mikeofthunder - Did I say that? Did I say ANYTHING like that, or are you just putting stupid words in my mouth? What I said (rather clearly, I thought) is that the stupid FML comments like "dafuq" and "shitty situation" need to die. I wasn't referring to other jargon or slang. Get it now? Was that clear enough?

109 - You make it sound as if disagreeing with DocBastard is a felony.

135 - It is, or at least it should be.

It really is. A FML crime to contest Doc.

This is what happens when Splinter, says no to pizza, to the ninja turtles.

This is one of the best comments I've seen in a while

LOL exactly! That was the first thing I thought of when reading this turtles these days xD

Waste a thawed mouse or feed it to the turtles? Not everyone gets to go to work and ask this

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Always thinking about the kids, well done Noor.