By Username - 05/08/2011 14:05 - United States

Today, a fight broke out in a bar between several people, over some talk about one of their moms being somewhat inclined towards intercourse with her pets. I managed to slip out quietly with just a scratch from flying chair debris, despite having started the rumor. FML
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...well done, my friend. Well done.

ohhh you deserved to be there in the brawl.


This isn't an FML.

how is that an fml?

ohhh you deserved to be there in the brawl.

Muahaha. Should've screamed "dance puppets dance!" on your way out.

Who fights over beastiality ?

This reminds me of Mean Girls when Regina is watching everyone fight around her

How is this an FML you got away with hardly a scratch didn't you?

Isn't this like, the opposite of F your Life? Like "HoorayMyLife" I escaped a barfight, yaaaaaay!

lol the puppet master

...well done, my friend. Well done.

That takes a special kind of skill

So how exactly is your life f'ed??

How is this FYL..?

So HOW is this an FML? OP quit your bitching and learn to not be a dumbass. You're lucky you didn't get someone killed.

This sounds more like bragging than a FML.

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And this is an FML because... ?