By thekriss - 23/08/2012 20:28 - France - Paris

Today, after my shift at the police station, I went on a date with a girl I recently met. We had a great date, that is until I opened the car door for her, and out of habit, pushed down on her head as she got in. FML
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bibbster18 11

Hey man, you never know maybe she likes that kind of stuff.

Haha! Force of habit. I constantly find myself yelling corner when walking around corners no matter where I'm at.


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1- nothing OP said indicates that his date was bad or violent, so what the hell are you trying to say?

39- Thank you for translating what 1 was saying.

1 is making a joke about how he pushed the girls head down. "so you like it hard and violent." Can you guys not just figure it out based on context?

Op meant that he had to push down criminals.

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87 - the fact that you honestly believe "**** the police" makes me believe you are extremely ignorant and unintelligent. And even more ignorant for calling op a loser for a habit. Think before you post please.

boxbrandon11 20

Hopefully she likes kinky sex

#1's first language might not be English.

55 - I didn't realise until I saw your comment. Did 1 realise that for the first 2 minutes he could edit his comment?

JocelynKaulitz 28

But don't you push down heads only if they're going to be put in the backseat? Or Do you put the criminals in the passenger seat as well?

Doesn't matter which seat it's in. It's a habit for a cop when opening the car door.

I hope you are some type of law enforcement and not someone that forces random people into your vehicle Don't give a damn about grammar also so if you bitch I just want to say Grow the **** up and get your head out of your ass. **** I bet most of the people that are grammar nazis are people that won't say shit to someone in person about that persons grammar knowing that if they did they'd become that persons bitch. Or get his ass beat the **** up.

bibbster18 11

Hey man, you never know maybe she likes that kind of stuff.

I wonder what her exact reaction was.... Mine would have been pretty bad.

Trix_Disorder 20

I would have laughed, and understood. People need to lighten up.

#22, I've had this happen, when a friend of a friend drove me home. I understood it was force of habit, but it still felt a little creepy. Like getting frisked by airpost TSA: for safety, but still... icky. I didn't say anything, just let it pass.

I would have played along, who knows it could have turned into role play ;)

Inheritance 10

Hand cuffs are kinky show her those, and maybe you might get lucky.

Why does everything always have to get dirty

Because that's just how things are these days. Its just gonna get worse lol

LittleGreenPaola 23

Maybe she dated a cop because she wanted to try handcuffs.

Just tell her the truth, i bet she'd laugh :D

(225) Me being 15 makes me unable to say something funny, yet perverted? Age doesn't really have to do with anything lol.

Haha! Force of habit. I constantly find myself yelling corner when walking around corners no matter where I'm at.

I yell coming around when ong around the corner I hate it

Big_lama6 7

Out of curiosity, are those habits picked up from the military?

No. As a waiter/waitress at a restaurant, you usually yell corner whenever you go around a cover so you don't crash into someone with plates.

Kaleigh090 11

I say "behind" a lot which earns me some strange looks from the persons walking in front of me.

justonecomment 2

Lmao! I do to, my mom just gives me a face and keeps walking.

iTayTayTaylor 1

I find myself standing on a corner sometimes even when I'm off duty.

Dr0reos 8

It only starts to get weird when you pull out the taser

I'm in the same boat. I'm a pastry student and I have a habit of yelling "behind" or "hot, behind" Oh well haha

195-careful with saying hot, behind. Someone might think you're hitting on them.

Well, could have been worse, u could have got your handcuffs out to cuff her :/

hockeychicl003 6

that could be bad or good, depending what she likes, if you know what I mean ;)

61 - Your emotionless expression in your profile picture completely cancels out any emoticons you try to use.

perdix 29

#4, I don't know why "they" are thumbing your comment down, it's a fine one. Maybe because the lyric is "fleck, fleck, fleck, fleck, flex." You can't say all those "x" sounds in rapid succession without choking. Well, maybe YOU can!

Psst I'm #34 not #4. :P And it's fine. I get thumbed down quite often. And apparently you do too. Haha Ouch on your other FML comment!

solosohigh 15

107- yeahhh I think perdix actually was talking to #4....

147- Go look at 34's comment... Now come back and check and see if what you said was correct. It wasn't. Perdix meant 34.

This seems like it would be a fun idea to me.

#78 the fact that you probably don't have an actual profile picture makes me think that your comment is actually irrelevant to me :D

Well, at least you didn't say "Anything you say can and will be held against you."

rosaxxcheers95 3

*anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law*

Hopefully with some explaining she'll understand. You could always maybe pass it off as a joke if she knew you were a cop?

CreepInTheCorner 11
Krajjan 9

Glad you noticed. Though I'm curious as to how you had the foresight to announce your own failure?

chellytiger 12

If I was her I'd laugh it off and ask if you were gonna cuff my later. But maybe she'll forgive you. Lol

Oh I like you lol when can we go on a date ;)

I hope she forgives him because she'd be pretty uptight to not just laugh it off.

49- I'm free right now. I'll be right over.

chellytiger 12

49 Keep dreaming sweetie. I'm taken.

fallingstarsxox 8

Lol maybe if you explain that to her she'll understand