By kippis05 - 17/02/2010 05:03 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were waiting for the bus. The weather had been cold and snowy recently, and I realized I'd forgotten my transit card. She nonetheless got on the bus without me. I had to walk it alone in the snow. FML
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LauraTheKiwi 0

Somebody has a nice girlfriend.

what's funny about this is the double standard. if a guy had left his gf everyone would be up in arms about how she should dump him but if it's a guy then he's a little bitch for complaining. for all you women out there who want sexual "equality" remember this: equality is a two way street.


LauraTheKiwi 0

Somebody has a nice girlfriend.

it's her way of saying u love her more than she loves you

lol sucks to walk

wow. your girlfriend's a bitch.

well back in my parents day they had to walk in the snow everyday, uphill both ways... no but that really sucks.

if I was you I would have wanted her to go on the bus so she doesn't catch a cold and ruin my Friday night

mikeyboi19 5

bout to say the same thing. you expect her to walk with you in the snow?

Pb_lily 0

It's your fault that you forgot your transit card so why should your girlfriend suffer? You should be a gentleman and want her to get on the bus and out of the cold. YDI. End of.

nice girlfriend

bleedinginside 0

I can't even respond to that... she just walks out on u...?

Agreed #27, get some balls OP it probably wasn't even THAT cold nor did you slip and nearly broke your neck like everyone else

ydi for forgetting the transit card.

I believe the "FML" is, in part, because the girlfriend didn't/wouldn't swipe her transit card an extra time so her boyfriend could ride the bus also......

what's funny about this is the double standard. if a guy had left his gf everyone would be up in arms about how she should dump him but if it's a guy then he's a little bitch for complaining. for all you women out there who want sexual "equality" remember this: equality is a two way street.

What the heck are you talking about? I wouldn't make my boyfriend walk through the snow with me if I forgot my card. I'd be annoyed at myself for forgetting it and I'd make sure he didn't feel obligated to walk with me. Stop making assumptions.

Damn 54, I was thinking the exact same thing.

iSwag 0

I agree with 54 completely 110% but still if it were MY girlfriend snow or not she wouldn't be walking...if she forgot her card I'd just give her mine it would seem my kind (gentlemen) are endangered species these days...glad my dad raised me right

Skullcrusher 5

Tough shit. Who gives a flyin' fuck!

If you are the one insisting that she not walk alone through the snow, then those are YOUR double standards coming into play. I hate guys who insist on being "gentlemen" and then complain about double standards.

If I was here I"ll Show you the finger at the back window

Yes, notice that OP said "the weather has been cold and snowy RECENTLY," and that he had to walk in the snow (piled up), but it wasn't actually cold or snowy at the time. Just recently. If you are the one to forget your card, you need to be the one to take ownership and deal with it. I would not expect my boyfriend to walk with me if he had his card and I was the one who forgot mine. I'd be pissed at myself, but I wouldn't make him suffer because I was scatterbrained that morning. YDI for forgetting your card.

The problem is that he didn't insist on anything; she just got on without caring. If he had insisted, then this wouldn't be an FML at all. As it was, she was either being a bitch or assuming that he would tell her to go anyway. I agree with 54-- if the roles were switched, everyone would be saying it's the man's fault.

nightELFassasin6 0

snarf snarf

nightELFassasin6 0

ye 54s right on

nightELFassasin6 0

bull shit girls always say that but guess who gets the guilt trip...?

I know I wouldn't ride off without my husband but I should hope he would want me to. Yes, your gf is selfish and so are you. I don't understand why you didn't go get your pass and catch the next bus if it was that cold. The outcome wouldn't have been any different if she hadn't been there to begin with.

Everyone's saying 'oh, I wouldn't want my girlfriend to walk out in the cold', but look at it the other way. It's just selfish to get on the bus and leave the other person to walk alone in the snow. So you're allowed to be a gentleman and let your girlfriend on the bus, but she is allowed to be selfish and not care that you're walking home alone and cold? That's what the FML is, that she left him to walk alone. Stop acting all smug and superior and 'yeah, I'm a gentleman, this owuldn't have bothered me'.

Although it might still be considered "selfish", I would give the girl a break under certain situations. Like if they were on their way to class. Personally, I gave a lot to be in college. If my boyfriend has to walk in the cold because he forgot his pass than so be it, I'm not going to be late for class because of his irresponsibility. Also, for calling out the double standard. A lot of these supposedly "chivalrous" ways of acting - exactly the kind of thing that would lend to this double standard - actually cause women a lot of problems. Those double standards that you're bitching about because men have to do this and men have to do that for women are really, what? Just ways to imply that we can't do them ourselves. I think anyone who is truly a feminist would understand that and be against such things,

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I'm sorry, what?!?

TrekkieGirl 0

This is pretty funny. OP, bet you won't forget your transit card next time. It honestly wasn't your girlfriend's problem to worry about.

ydi for not having a car lol

hayray11 0

totally agree!!!

But acting like a gentlemen entails treating a woman as if she is lesser and in need of protection, or at the very least so fragile that she must be treated delicately at all times. Which isn't to say that you shouldn't hold open doors for people. In fact you should open the doors for people not because they have a vagina, but because it's a good thing to do. The guy up there explained that if the situation was reversed that people would be bitching about how a true gentlemen wouldn't have left his girlfriend in the cold, and that if we ladies really wanted equality we should understand that we don't get to be treated like princesses. Personally, I don't want to be treated like a princess and I find the insinuation that I somehow go around pouting to get men to do things for me more than a bit insulting. Most women that I know that call themselves feminist find such behaviors demeaning and belittling towards women, they don't support them as the above posted appeared to be claiming.

taz94 0

up hill with a boner?

Even if he told her to go in the bus anyway, she should have walked along with him. I know I would. I bet if OP was a girl the comments would be waaaaay different. I agree that guys should be gentlemen, but this is just stupid, OP is her boyfriend, you don't just leave your boyfriend by the side of the road, that's just rude.

I hope she waved to you from the back of the bus. I like it when FMLs have a dramatic ending :)

jackg 0

@ 11 hahaha nice

daysgoby902 6

you would have actually wanted her to walk in the snow cause you forgot your bus card?!?

Oh she's a bitch I would have forced her to preform oral on me when we got home :|

lickmyjock 0

Damn Right! Kiss her on the mouth and push her down south!

shut up and eat your Twinkie ...Twinkie.

tcbailey 0

[email protected] asshole!!! I love it!!!

tcbailey 0

forced her #4???? who has dreams if growing up to be a rapist??? you little buddy!!!

if he's gonna rape people by forcing them to do oral he will end up with his dick chomped off and a girl goin om nom nom

Hmm not really :|

She seems nice. hope you dealt with her

wow bitch much! shed probably dump u if u did that. unrequited love man, u shld leave her :/

what did u say to her when u saw her again

he probably said,"brrrrr."

That made me laugh out loud :L

spaceydude 0

can't you just pay up front?

Well, she prefers to be paid by cheque.

AmberBerry 0

That's mean ): I hope you dump her, as she obviously doesn't care enough about you. you deserve better (: