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  Raltizal  |  11

Yes, having a boyfriend, such a bitch. And accepting someone's offer for a ride, shame on her. I don't see how thinking a friend is actually being a friend and helping her out with a ride is being a bitch, the op could have said he was too busy the next morning to give her a ride. If she had snapped at him, that would make her a bitch.

By  Cristaderzi  |  0

Yep You Did the right thing and not leaving her dangerously stranded!
After that I'd tell her," Mmkay your BOYFRIEND can fix you up from here"!
If you pick her up in the morning then YDI her sorry butt!!

By  ironstove  |  0

Sigh. Women are so useless. Half of them think guys are actually being nice and don't get it, while the other half completely get it and pretend that they don't.

And it's up to guys like me to try to distinguish which women are and are not worthless. What a waste of my time.