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  jvillan87  |  5

Thankfully I don't have to watch glee when my wife does. But I had a similar experience with the show "Veronica Mars". I bitched and moaned about how I didn't want to watch it, the next thing I know I've watched all 3 seasons of it.

  bitheway  |  2

Screw y'all straight men can watch glee. And Rachel is not a bitch or conceded anymore shes gotten a lot better with her personality. And don't ruin it for me I haven't seen that episode yet.

By  iLazy  |  0

You are now a Gleek. Go for medical help because you are addicted to a show which got worse as time went on.

  jpest17  |  5

I watch glee and hated once I realized glee is a club where stereotypes run rampant. for the most part they make people who disagree with the politically correct topics abusive bigots who as a group of choir students they gang up on the one person.

  MaskedAspen  |  6

Rachel's the worst, but then again everyone is entitled to their own opinion. but you must be pretty far behind there, that episode was at the beginning of the season.