By why me - 22/05/2011 23:09

Today, my girlfriend made me watch six hours of "Glee" with her. I don't know what I hate the most, the fact that I actually sat there and watched it or that I'm angry at Finn for breaking up with Rachel. FML
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jackiemoonthepro 5

now you ruined it for me thanks a lot dick

take hold of your balls before they fall off


15 I think you should hate the fact that you are too scared about acting masculine and 'cool' and are afraid of defying improper stereotypes.

#27 is butthurt 'cuz he likes Glee...

jvillan87 5

Thankfully I don't have to watch glee when my wife does. But I had a similar experience with the show "Veronica Mars". I bitched and moaned about how I didn't want to watch it, the next thing I know I've watched all 3 seasons of it.

juicedboi 7

Fairly sure that was her way of castrating you. And sadly, it worked.

29 - I don't think 27's butt hurts because of that reason......

rallets 22

**** glee, its all about Hellcats, ahh alyson michalka and ashley tisdale ;D

AlwaySunny 0
Kn0wledge123 21

Glee is garbage son. So is Gossip Girl and that Hellcats bullshit they call a show. Its all about Supernatural and First 48. Colbert Report FTW.

dudeitsdanny 9
babyyninjas 1

shit If you wanna be man again watch the walking dead.

xShannonxSammyx 7

Yeah, Glee tends to become addicting... OP, Rachel's a conceded bitch, don't feel sorry for her!

bitheway 2

Screw y'all straight men can watch glee. And Rachel is not a bitch or conceded anymore shes gotten a lot better with her personality. And don't ruin it for me I haven't seen that episode yet.

I agree you should be required to hand in your man card for that one.

I think you're scared of being straight.

xShannonxSammyx 7

IT'S A TV SHOW. That doesn't define wether you're straight or gay- he could be metrosexual, too.

I swear this was posted a couple months ago or maybe I'm just having Deja Vu...

You are now a Gleek. Go for medical help because you are addicted to a show which got worse as time went on.

I watch glee and hated once I realized glee is a club where stereotypes run rampant. for the most part they make people who disagree with the politically correct topics abusive bigots who as a group of choir students they gang up on the one person.

ThatSucksAlotYDI 0

I approve, 2. Glee is a shitty show.

benjimm1 0

I hope he at least got some after 6 crap-hourS

Says the person with Fairy Tail as the profile pic....

FunnyGuy5051 7

yup, those dang cops telling kids not to get in our vans for candy

jackiemoonthepro 5

now you ruined it for me thanks a lot dick

FatElie 0

Good, now you don't have to watch it.

Miouya 0

don't give up hope keep watching it!

I respect Rachel for her drive to be a star.

rachel is the best character on there, so stop bugging about her :)

Rachel's the worst, but then again everyone is entitled to their own opinion. but you must be pretty far behind there, that episode was at the beginning of the season.

maz_irken 6

Rachel, in my opinion, has improved over the season. She used to be a winey little bitch, but I think she's grown up a little.

koolkat27 13

This Rachel chick sounds like a bitch. Glee is trash though, it forces the viewers to act in a certain way. Simply a terrible show.

bezach 0

was she blowing you the whole way through?that's the only thing making it worth it...than again which would make you harder, glee or a bj?

As much as OP wished this I doubt he got a bj for 6 hours. I think he just got sucked into the show.

fmlbiach 0

I think his girlfriend should have given him a bj during commercials at least.

ydnar 5

#8 wtf why so many thumbs down on this? It's the best comment on here!

take hold of your balls before they fall off


dont blame yourself, finn is ugly and a douche...that can get anyone mad.

doltkid 3

if thats the case, you remind me of Finn.

he is not a frickin douche!!! he's amazing!!! just like Glee is!! fu to all the haters!!!

Cory Montieth is a mofo sexy beast so back off hater

Going back and reading all this a month or so after he passed makes me want to cry. In 2011 we never expected him to pass away in 2013

Your gf tortures you and you just take it? Lay down the law OP.

You must be one pussy whipped dude to sit thru that crap.