By Anonymous - 15/12/2015 18:10 - Germany - Munich

Today, I had to work late. Due to delayed trains and a missed connection, it was almost midnight when I finally got home. When I walked into the bedroom, I found my girlfriend wearing sexy lingerie and fast asleep. FML
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Make a date for another night and make sure your gf knows how disappointed you are. On one hand it sucks that you missed out but the bigger picture is that you have an awesome girlfriend. Chin up x


Oh, if only there was a button to express this emotion…

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If only there was a button you could use that, I don't know, produces a negative score and hides said comment, if you didn't like their comment.

@45 kinda hypocritical for you to say that. Don't ya think?

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Yes, but the point still stands.

Actually it doesn't. A thumbs down doesn't fully convey the message "There's a button for that." Which is also why you had to leave a comment to explain that to them. On the other hand, there IS a button that fully conveys "man that sucks." So their comment made sense, yours was hypocritical.

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By saying "there's a button for that," you are clearly just conveying that you dislike the comment and think it's stupid. These people aren't actually trying to tell them there is a button for it literally.

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Well maybe she'll reward you in the morning ;)

Make a date for another night and make sure your gf knows how disappointed you are. On one hand it sucks that you missed out but the bigger picture is that you have an awesome girlfriend. Chin up x

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Considering what he missed out on, on one hand indeed

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@4 Why should he make sure that his girlfriend knows he was disappointed?

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To show that her effort although was not enjoyed but appreciated

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Well, if we think about it, she probably was just horny and needed some action. Ok, the scene is nice and everything, but I can't help thinking that the same scene exchanging genders would not rise the same reactions. Like she is making him a favor or whatever.

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@57 I don't see how he can be disappointed about missing something that it sounds like he wasn't expecting, but if he wants to express that her effort was appreciated then he should just say that it was appreciated.

Uh, if my bf greeted me from a long day at work in lingerie I'd be turned on. But, joking aside, don't make it a sexism thing. If my bf greeted me in just his boxers, I'd be up for it

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It's just that to my opinion, if a girl does so, she's nice, she's making efforts and is wonderful, while the guy is lucky. And if a guy does that, he is an obssesed bastard who won't let his gf rest after a hard day of work. But eventually, they both do it because they want to first of all. In both case I think it's nice anyway. I am just not willing to make her a perfect girl and fall into the "oh so cuuuute" wave of comment.

People like you don't help the sexism issue. You make it worse. Your comment was unnecessary and it was stupid. I get where you're trying to go with it, but again, its unnecessary. Some people react that way, but a lot of people don't anymore. I, a female, would be thrilled if my bf greeted me that way after a long day at work and I'm sure many other females would as well. Everyone has different preferences though, including men.

Honestly it all just depends on who's being selfish. if I did this to my husband I would be the one being selfish. because I'm always up for it. and he always takes convincing. if he did this for me I would be amazed and he would be doing it for me. sexism isn't what applies here. who lusts who is what applies. here's another example. I don't eat very often. it drives my husband crazy. he loves to eat. if I came home to a great big meal that he bugged me trying to convince me to eat it wouldn't be a favor. it'd be a pain. it's not that he is a he. it's that he did it because he was bothered by me not eating. it has to do with goals and wants, not gender.

Cockblocked by work! Sucks to suck OP, but at least you're dedicated

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Ah, the joys of not having a car. *sarcasm *

Oh man I feel for you, been there before. Just make sure your girl knows you tried to get there. Then just make up for it another night

If you call Dom Cobb, he might let you borrow his weird suitcase machine. You could join her in her dreams in a matter of minutes. You've never had sex until you've done it inside a tesseract.

Thats a bullshit move. if a guy did that to a girl im sure they would break up.

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I still don't get how "her" was the confusing part for you.

Guys I meant go down on her... Only OP knows his girlfriend's do's and don'ts but I also know some girls wouldn't mind waking up to oral. And no, not just sticking your dick in her mouth you gotta have some respect guys.

I don't see a problem with lightly waking her and coaxing her. I'm okay with my boyfriend doing that and most of the time if I don't have somewhere to be in the morning, I'm on board. sometimes, I'm a lot more sensitive after just waking up too so it's a win win. one of our best sessions ever in my opinion was a middle of the night woken up romp.

Technically sexual assault if you start when she's asleep

Technically that law is retarded in most cases...

That's why it should be talked about before trying it. Some people aren't okay with it, others would be overjoyed. Communication on what's okay and what isn't is very important.