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  skatoolaki  |  24

It's not the first time. It happened during Clinton's presidency, too. It sucks but it's nothing to be scared of. Essential government functions are still working.

  HisHarleyQuinn  |  14

That's not entirely true. I don't know about anywhere else, but in my state, Medicaid and Wic have stopped. Neither one of those affect me directly, but it sucks for those it does affect.

  louk16  |  1

And some woman tried to ram her car through the gates of the White House and ran over several cops with her 18 month old baby in the car.

By  mangobbler  |  11

Everywhere there are these religious/belief nuts. I lost count to the amount of times people have been heard of preparing for an eventual end of the world, or rapture, or whatever the heck. Hang in there OP, perhaps time will bring wisdom to your mother... or to us, if the rapture does happen (got to consider all possibilities).

  calilovesneb  |  12

And because I know if anyone finds this I'm going to get thumbed down, just think about this first. If you asked me where I got my cellphone, and I told you that I picked it up on the beach, because after millions of years of being in the ocean, different metal particles bounced together and formed it, and then it washed on shore and I picked it up, you would laugh in my face. Yet people have the audacity to tell me something as complicated as the nerves in my human hand evolved? Please. If anything science shows design everywhere, proves there must be a creator. Our bodies and the world around us is far too complex to be accidental or random.