By I love L - 08/08/2015 22:56 - Canada - Richmond Hill

Today, I woke up panting and drenched in sweat from a horrible nightmare. I'd been dreaming that bright, colored shapes were falling from the sky and I couldn't make them all neatly align with one another on the ground. I guess I should stop playing so much Tetris before bed. FML
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There's no such thing as too much Tetris

Well there could be worse games to play before bed that might make for worse dreams!


There's no such thing as too much Tetris

Agreed! I'm the nerdy kind who prefers to read books and hardly ever plays games (except for nerdy board games), but even I'm not immune to Tetris' irresistible charm.

i wonder what his pac man nightmare would look like

There is actually a thing called the tetris effect ... it's fun when shopping at a conveyer belt thingy when you perfectly align all groceries to fit and get annoyed at people with you for just dropping groceries anywhere!

Iwannarock1 19

this has to be fake, but congrats on getting it posted.

Was the theme song playing in the background?

It's certainly playing in my head right now, and is going to be stuck there for a while!

Tetris is an awesome game, its better than most of the games these days, you can never play too much tetris

Well there could be worse games to play before bed that might make for worse dreams!

Such as Hatoful Boyfriend, for imstance.

I was thinking more along the lines of Five Nights at Freddy's. I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to enjoy animatronics ever again.

The Evil Within wouldn't be fun to dream about.

I'm not allowed to play spider solitaire anymore because I kept having nightmares about it.

I feel bad saying this, but this made me laugh

I don't feel bad at all for laughing at this

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Neither do I. I know people have crazy dreams, but Tetris? Hope they don't have nightmares of Mario Bros.

At least you weren't playing Slenderman!

I've had a nightmare that Slenderman wrote happy birthday on my house in blood and then he proceeded to chase and try and kill me. I begged a couple to kill me but they didn't. I grabbed their gun and shot myself but I didn't die and then Slenderman came and finished the job. I had this nightmare the night before my birthday. it reoccured the next year.

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I had a nightmare that I was carrying a watermelon to a local Wendy's and I dropped it by accident which apparently in my dream was a horrid illegal act so for the rest of the dream I was in hiding. It was quite spooky actually

I had a nightmare recently, I was stabbed in the neck by a rattlesnake's rattle and while I was gasping for air I bled to death

I had this recurring nightmare in which all my teeth fell off, without any pain or blood loss. It sounds tame, but it was TERRIFYING.

I wonder what the dream would be if you had been playing pong right before bed

I played The Sims once right before bed and I had a dream that my furniture kept getting deleted and it was the most frustrating shit in the world cuz all I wanted was to take a nap on my own bed???? Also the toilet was in the kitchen but I had no oven. You're not alone in your video game induced nightmares OP!

As a kid I played a fighting game similar to Mortal Kombat called Dark Rift. I had nightmares for months where these aliens chased me around my house. They would beam me up to their ship to keep fighting the boss. I would always lose and have my head smashed.

i play sims all the time i am looking forward to my dream thanks for sharing this