By Anonymous - 27/09/2013 19:08 - Norway - Ytre Arna

Today, I came home to find my parents wearing Santa hats and blasting Christmas music at full volume. So begins three months of hell. FML
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Misskreher 30

Everybody has that true little kid in them. They just can't wait for presents.


Gearden 8

"happy haloween" "in THIS house we say merry Christmas!"

I'm blasting Jason Aldean at full volume....if that makes you feel any better

Misskreher 30

Everybody has that true little kid in them. They just can't wait for presents.

I agree. I would've fit right in with OP's parents as far as Christmas is concerned.

Yes! His parents sound FUN!! I say FYL to the fact that you can't just let go and have fun with your family!

Christmas is right around the corner...but I think they are getting a head of themselves unless they think the world will end this year...

I'm pretty sure that notion is so last year...

diving_fml 30

you could be in the military on deployment away from your family for the holidays so enjoy your time with them.

wait till they go to sleep and blast it some more. they'll get tired of it soon enough

photogodess 13

I went to target with my husband and son the other day, I literally saw only Christmas reeves being put up and I proceeded with a big ass grin on my face and galloped through the rest of the trip screening "omg omg Christmas is almost here!!!!!" My husband understands how much it means to me. Maybe you shouldn't be such a freaking Scrooge! "Jingle bells jingle bells la la la la la "

Um, do you mean wreaths? Because I'm picturing a bunch of Keanu statues in Santa costumes.. Also, screaming*

#6 some people dislike Christmas simply because they can't afford it. They want to buy gifts for family and friends, but can't, and often work full time so don't have the time to make gifts instead. Then Christmas rolls around and they feel like a guilty Scrooge as people hand them gifts, even though they've told them to please not do that as it can't be reciprocated. In other words, Christmas sucks when you're poor.

BriCx 8

Not only that but also because most Christmas music is atrocious...

All though I do agree with you #22 about that part of Christmas being a problem for some people, its also sad to see that's what Christmas is all about to some people as well in terms of the holiday only being about "gifts". Christmas is more than what the holiday companies marked it up to be. People shouldn't feel guilty if they can't do gifts for people they care about. It should be focused on spending time with your family, enjoying the activities and traditions a family may do that is or is not religious. Still, people feel pressured about the gifts part regardless. I don't feel pressured. If I can't afford this year, well the rest of you just better suck it up because I don't care if I receive gifts either since I care more about seeing my family and hanging out together with them. When I can afford gifts, I make it up for "missing" out last year since some people in my own family only care about the gifts part (no, they are not young children that don't know any better unfortunately)... those ass hats I love and hate at the same time. :/

reymon8823 24

#22 that is exactly my problem Hell 3 months ago my 8 year old brother came up to me and told me he wants an iPod touch a nintendo 3ds and Pokemon x and y versions

It's sad that people feel like Scrooges during that time of year. It's one of my absolute favorite times of year (Halloween and summer closely follow)! Many people think my family is weird because we are SO into Christmas, but we do nothing religious during that time, because we're not religious. For us it's about family. Some people in our family can afford big fancy gifts, some of us can't. It's not about that for us though. Heck, my brother and I usually Christmas shop at the thrift shop for the gifts we give!

jasmine2301 25

Hey! they're really into the holidays! I wish my parents were like this... my dad doesn't put the tree until after Christmas and just took it down 3 monthes ago...

Volunteer to help with the decorations this year -- putting them up AND taking them down.

brokenman5 6

Blast the music when they are sleeping and see how they like it

koi1686 3

Welcome to life of retail. Most places hire seasonal people for 4 weeks, craft stores hire seasonal people for 3 months! We've already got Christmas stuff up... overtaking our Halloween stuff.

reymon8823 24

When i worked at target i got hired as seasonal and i worked from Halloween till new years eve