By Anonymous - 08/10/2015 15:10 - United States - Altamonte Springs

Today, in the middle of a presentation, I fought a shart, but the shart won. FML
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Butt the shart won.

the only thing I hate more than a presentation. is a damn shart.


mermaidkeels 26

Must have been a shitty presentation then.

Hey take a lap.

The pun most certainly was.

incoherentrmblr 21

Hope your name is William Shatner...

the only thing I hate more than a presentation. is a damn shart.

I'm sorry for hijacking your high comment, but did anybody else read the last sentence to the tune of The Clash's "I fought the law"?

That's the idea.

That's what I said before too, but it has nothing to do with tc #22 ;-; for shame

only thing i hate more than a shart, is a shart while wearing shorts

Say goodbye to that pair of pants.......

Oh man what if it rolled down his leg and just plopped onto the floor..

The shart thought that it would do better for the presentation

You need to practice clenching more.

he'd never make it in prison

That sucks man, hope it didn't smell to bad.

Butt the shart won.

You lost the battle but the war has just begun!

Oh shit, that sucks OP. Did anyone see or notice anything?

blame the dog, move to Australia, change your name to Edward And get a new pair of pants.