By bglenney - 15/08/2013 09:47 - United States

Today, for the first time in my life, I simultaneously sneezed, peed and farted. I was giving a presentation at work when this happened. FML
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ViRepz 28

There has to be a term for that, like there is for sharted?


ViRepz 28

There has to be a term for that, like there is for sharted?

sluttyMouth 3

That's what I call multitasking.

sneepeearted. To to make it sounds cooler make it a syndrome. I have sneepeearted syndrome.

Oh my gosh! Fyl op. Ive sneezed and farted at the same time in a dead silent classroom before. My friends never let me live it down. Especially since i tried to blame the desk lol.

There's snarted for sneezed and fart at the same time but don't know about the peeing

According to WebMD, sneepeearted syndrome is a terminal condition that begins with severe headaches, and progresses through various severe symptoms such as not getting laid, no social life, and a severe bout of Forever Alone. This illness generally ends with suicide

My gf hiccups simultaneously when she sneezes.. And it's the sexiest, cutest, most amazing thing I've ever seen. I call it the snee-cup.

What I wanna know is if OP's coworkers said bless you, or excuse you

GetSomeM0 24

Or you could go for something more exciting like farpeezed.

"This is Sparted!" (Come on, you thought it too) :P

RedPillSucks 31

And instead of being kicked into the pit, his spart propels him into the pit. This is begging for an illustrated FML.

flashback.miss 28

Well, at least you didnt vomit or shit your pants as well? Hopefully your snot didn't get on anyone/anything and they were understanding and let you clean up before resuming your presentation.

Those don't seem like any lyrics that I know...

73- They REPLY with lyrics, they can comment normally

That's the dumbest thing to say. Yes it could have been worse,OP could have done more than simply fart, or OP could have died suddainly, or maybe the Earth could have entered a black hole at that very moment.

caitlinbblack 14

Or did you simultaneously fart sneeze and then pee.?

Nervousness causes many strange things OP dont worry abt it

1. quit work 2. Make a video of you sparting 3. Make $$$ 4. get bitches

Did you get to finish your presentation? :o

Worst luck in thr history of presentations. You win. FYL

"And THAT is just how excited I am by what I'm presenting to you today!"