By thewordsicantsay - Canada
Today, while waiting to do a presentation in class I felt someone flick my back, but when I turned around no one was there. It wasn't until I got up in front of the whole class that I felt my bra slowly sliding down my body. Turns out that the "flick" I felt was actually my bra clasp busting open. FML
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  jellybean120  |  10

it happened to me in a bar with one of those plastic back and shoulder straps. and you're right it was kinda cheap. but I don't see that happening with a regular one. unless it was a really old bra.

  TrinityisLife  |  22

This happened to me a couple weeks ago with an old bra. I was at work, felt the flick, then became lopsided. The bra looked just fine when I put it on =

I'm just glad I was only around 2 other women when it happened. I can't imagine how embarrassed I'd be if it happened in front of a group of people. :X


It has happened to me as well, years ago in the HS cafeteria. Some of us just have a little more to hold in than others. I gave up front clasps because they have plastic clips that can't handle a D, almost put someone's eye out once (and no I am not overweight, just a bit disproportional).

  Classifieds  |  0

I hate those underwires. I was about to have a shower when I was on a trip recently and when I took off my bra the wire cut open my arm. I now have a bad scar.

  solie92  |  0

#12 Darkhumour wat r u talking about? she nvr said it was strapless. just that she was wearing a bra that wasn't behaving very well. I dare you to say one bad thing about her wearing a bra.