By Anonymous - 23/05/2012 20:38 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I was to give a presentation to several of my company's senior employees. The moment I stood up, I accidentally let rip a monstrous fart that lasted a good two or three seconds. When I tried to utter an apology, I clammed up and let out a whiny grunt. They were not amused. FML
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They were not amused because you didn't light your fart on fire, it would've given a more explosive start to the presentation.


You will now forever be known as "Sir Farts A Lot" or "Mc Stinky" around the office. Time to start looking for new employment.

chowE_fml 4

Now op will be the 'Butt' of all the office jokes.

kayla_ann0o 9

It's that kind of moment that calls for a "that was easy" button. Keeps it less awkward.

I'm surprised that top comment isn't quoting the movie Step Brothers. I couldn't be the only one thinking it...

amandajlucas2015 2

The only reason they don't find it funny is because they are stuck up assholes who don't think their shit stinks but believe me it does it all does

Actually the poop particals as a result of a fart could be brown... The gas from a fart can not be seen by the naked eye... Don't believe me? Ask someone to fart while you put your eye to their ass... Just be careful of pink eye. ;-)

Did you give everyone in the room a pink eye?

Devin91 20

Hopefully you did a hell of a presentation. But the embarrassment will blow over soon, no need to stress over the small stuff.

chowE_fml 4

Won't blow over completely until OP checks their undies for accidental poo

1poohbear5 7

By the sound of it, it wasn't small haha

It's one of those moments where you're never gonna get over it. As in like 3 years later your still gonna be like 'Mother of God' and be just as embarrassed as the first time.

Come to think of it I don't remember the last time I had those monstrous farts..... Oh wait that yesterday, during my presentation.

They were not amused because you didn't light your fart on fire, it would've given a more explosive start to the presentation.

For all we know, it could well have been explosive.

There's more than one way to get an audience fired up. They'll have a blast I'm sure.

Can you imagine explaining the explosion? Fireman: So, how'd this happen? OP: Well, um.....I thought I'd light my fart, but I had a bigger fart than usual, and it exploded

That really was funnier in my mind lol

Sounds like it was the longest 2 or 3 seconds of OP's life.

Michael_92 20

That's one way to make sure all eyes are on you.

this makes me cringe so much. i feel bad for you. :-(

nofearjenshere 12

How exactly does this make you cringe?

How would you not cringe? OP was in front of SENIOR employees and let out a 2-3 second fart. It's incredibly embarrassing and very cringe-worthy.

reddudeover 2

11 - it's called EMPATHY, I cringe from the embarrassment op must have felt letting out a wet shart in front of important colleagues.

28 - ew. I do not believe op said anything about it being wet... In that case he would of mentioned about asking for a few minutes to go change... I hope anyway.

Well at least all the pressure is gone. Well you let them have a whiff of your smelf.

They should understand that sometimes farts are hard to hold in- and that they can be random. Hope your presentation was great, though.

Maybe if it was so hard to hold it in, he could...plug it? With... Something...... O_o

What? Stick your finger down your skirt and up your ass and hope it works? Make a ball with a sheet of paper and try to make it fit down there? Ooohhh well yes genius that's a marvelous idea!

nofearjenshere 12

That is the kind of moment when you play it off with humor.

Ya he should have been like did you guys here that barking spider?

kayla_ann0o 9

No he shoulda said " hey guys you hear that asshole talking shit behind me?"

theneatoburrito 8

That's the moment you try to play it cool. Just be like, "Ahhhh, sorry bros. I've been holding that one in all day!".