All shook up

By Mike - 15/12/2010 11:57

Today, while giving a brief presentation at work, I blanked out on what I was going to say. I tried to make a joke and tell them I'd had a brain fart, but all I managed to say was, "I farted." Well, at least they all laughed. FML
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xD best presentation ever.

The technical name for not being able to think of the correct word is um...uh...


xD best presentation ever.

agreed. this made me smilee

I always have those baint farts. hahaha

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at least you didn't shit yourself.

Your granny told me you shat the bed on Saturday!

yeah, it's lucky he didnt have a 'brain shit' haha I kid, I kid!

Nah mate, I shit on your granny. Gave her a good old Cleveland Steamer. She loved it.

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Alabama Hotpockets are the way to go.

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I wish I worked with you.... that would have been so funny.

You're only thirteen...

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hahaha wtf for one hes right ur 13 for two is the only thing u thought to write in ur about me when u made it was "mmm i love drawing elephants" haha

i guess u blanked out

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ouch FYL :( I also blank out when speaking publicly

There's nothing wrong with a little comedic "relief", even if you weren't aware that it slipped out.

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Get ready for a big promotion!

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w/e you do don't picture everyone in their underwear you say something dumber.