By absense - United Kingdom
Today, after returning to work from a week-long sickness, I sent out an apologetic email to all of my clients to explain my lack of communication due to absence. I realised afterwards I had put the subject line as 'Absense'. And sent it to all of my clients. FML
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By  fakedsincerity  |  32

when they reply just put a quick line apologising for the typo. no big deal.

if your messages are usually full of good grammar and spelling they'll know it was just a mistake. (:

  GhostFox  |  33

After spending who knows how long writing and reviewing something, small errors like this can be missed because your brain is hyper aware of what you meant, and automatically corrects it as you read. Meaning you think you did things right until you take a break and come back to it, which isn't an option in some cases, like when the document you are writing is an apology for your already troubling lack of communication.