You tried!

By Noname - 15/02/2009 23:15 - United States

Today, I wanted to seduce my boyfriend so I put on my sexiest lingerie and started playing mood music. As he was eating dinner, I climbed up on the table and started seductively crawling across to him. The table collapsed under my weight. FML
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Contrary to popular belief most tables aren't designed to hold a person's weight, that is unless it's a large banquet table from Ikea, in which case they probably shouldn't make lingerie in those sizes. For the world's sake.

He was excited all right


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wow, there goes the food too

Razor011 12

Damn. Theres no sugar-coating with you.

even if she was relatively slim I don't think the table could hold that much weight.

Oh wow, did you finish the meal?

That's why you don't shop at Ikea.

I wouldn't stress it. Many times people try to seduce their partner only to be embarrassed by the silliest things. Next time though, you should practice prior to get to know the feel of things, like for example a light table.

Don't be so fat, fatty.

He was excited all right

LOL embarrassing! now you have a really interesting story to tell people

how much you packing?

did u just ruin a man's dinner?