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By Scared4Lf - 19/08/2016 18:10 - United States - Lamoure

Today, I was awoken by my grandparents making love, as they shook the camper in which my cousin and I were sleeping. FML
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bfsd42 20

"You are so hot" "What? You want me on top?" "I'm not gonna stop" "It's not the time for a pop"


tbrill 15

At least they still are very much into each other. Though I can understand your frustration. Hopefully it's something that will eventually make its way out of your brain OP. Best of luck.

moo77_fml 20

Fair play to them thou!! Still sharing some love ..

MamaChey 24

I hope I'm a baller like that when I'm a grandma!

Wouldn't it be your husband/partner that would be the baller?

cootiequeen4444 11

because "ladies is pimps too g' on brush ya shoulders off". if Jay-Z ( especially pre-beyonce JAY-Z) knows, so should everyone...

I would've just grabbed a blanket and pillow than slept outside

I don't know how close you are to your cousin, but it seems your only option is to team up and attempt to out do—no pun intended—your grandparents. It's Darwinian, really; survival of the studliest.

Justy101 23

Oh, get out of here, #11! My oil extraction techniques and acrobatics are second to none; no fracking or flipping therapy required! Or did you mess up your unnecessary self-censorship?

With words like that, #11, it is YOU who is in need of some festering therapy.

Damn! Your gramps is a G! Doing it without giving any f**ks who's around.

Had one **** left and dropped it off in Grams

bfsd42 20

"You are so hot" "What? You want me on top?" "I'm not gonna stop" "It's not the time for a pop"

welcome to bonetown. all the people without a sense of humor are gonna down vote xD

aredvulpix 23

Years later and they're still going at it!