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By Scared4Lf - 19/08/2016 18:10 - United States - Lamoure

Today, I was awoken by my grandparents making love, as they shook the camper in which my cousin and I were sleeping. FML
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"You are so hot" "What? You want me on top?" "I'm not gonna stop" "It's not the time for a pop"

Age is only a number....


Age is only a number....

At least they still are very much into each other. Though I can understand your frustration. Hopefully it's something that will eventually make its way out of your brain OP. Best of luck.

Fair play to them thou!! Still sharing some love ..

I hope I'm a baller like that when I'm a grandma!

Wouldn't it be your husband/partner that would be the baller?

why did this get dislikes wtf lol

because "ladies is pimps too g' on brush ya shoulders off". if Jay-Z ( especially pre-beyonce JAY-Z) knows, so should everyone...

I would've just grabbed a blanket and pillow than slept outside

I don't know how close you are to your cousin, but it seems your only option is to team up and attempt to out do—no pun intended—your grandparents. It's Darwinian, really; survival of the studliest.

Get out, and get some f****ing therapy

11 - It's called a joke.

#11 you must be new here

Oh, get out of here, #11! My oil extraction techniques and acrobatics are second to none; no fracking or flipping therapy required! Or did you mess up your unnecessary self-censorship?

With words like that, #11, it is YOU who is in need of some festering therapy.

Damn! Your gramps is a G! Doing it without giving any f**ks who's around.

Had one fuck left and dropped it off in Grams

"You are so hot" "What? You want me on top?" "I'm not gonna stop" "It's not the time for a pop"

welcome to bonetown. all the people without a sense of humor are gonna down vote xD

Years later and they're still going at it!