By PerpetuallyHappy - 25/09/2012 23:20 - United States - Rochester

Today, I got sent to the principal's office because my Dad decided that instead of signing his name, he would sign, "Ms. Bigtits", because he wanted to make sure the teachers were paying attention to what their students handed in. FML
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Haha idk, I mean it shows op's dad cares. Just in a slightly juvenile way. Personally I would have just waited till open house.

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If someone says that one more time, they're going to get round house kicked in the face.

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I don't need luck. I have magical unicorns that will take me anywhere I need to go, to kick them in the face. But thanks for the luck though (:

It seems like a smart idea to see if the teachers are paying attention. OP, your dads smart, at your expense. Haha.

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I would hi-five my dad if he had a sense of humor like that.

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Sorry, OP, but this is pretty funny. One of those moments when it's funny unless it's happening to you :') Speaking of, hilarious dad!

What a stupid way to figure out if the teachers pay attention what the stupids hand in. I hope your dad was honest and admitted. if not then **** your life.

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Always makes me think of Buzz

I am trying to imagine the look on the principle's face when he/she finds out that the dad did actually sign that. Oh how I wish some FML's could include photos.

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Are you sure he's not a pre-op transsexual? I don't know of many men who are proud of their moobs, but there's always a first for everything.

Perdix: always traversing the strangest of social avenues in the name of humor.

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Yep, when I got here, the comments sections were clogged with "That sucks" and "YDI for being a *****!" I'd like to think that I contributed in some small way to the improved quality and creativity of comments here.

Define quality. Creative I tip my hat to you Sir Perdix.