By Uncircumcised Penis - Canada - Richmond
Today, I was in line at the pharmacy when the man in front of me asked if I wanted to see a picture of a turd that looked like an uncircumcised penis. Before I had time to answer, he showed me a picture of a turd that looked like an uncircumcised penis. FML
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  jetsown08  |  21

Damn, between what you 29 and 40 just said and the other commentator I saw with a Grammar Nazi swastika, it looks like this is becoming a serious and coordinated movement. Next thing you know, you'll flip on the news to see a new Grammar Nazi state has been formed where everybody must speak in perfect grammar under penalty of death.

  Voldy_fml  |  16

I would honestly like to speak in perfect grammar. Why not? I'm no grammar nazi because I'm not perfect in English myself, but I try. Does it even matter XD


You people should be ashamed of yourselves! Maybe you should think about the fact that not everybody speaks English, and not everybody is an English major before you start bashing somebody. Now that he has told us that English is not his first language, we should help him learn as well as congratulate him for making an effort despite the fact he's just starting out. So, I say congratulations to you, and good luck in your continued learning of the language.

  dominic1221  |  6

^ "I'm not fluent in English. I am just a starter. So I don't feel ashamed of you correcting me, I should thank you!"

That's what the guy being corrected said. You see the reasonableness and humility there? Yeah, you could use some of that. You're obviously a semi-literate idiot with a massive ego if you think being corrected is such an awful thing worth getting enraged about.

  geko911  |  22

OMG are we witnessing a pep-talk on FML? Where are the evil grammar nazis when you need them!!! Toooo... much... kindness!!!

Trêve de plaisanterie, you go boy! It's those who try to learn that make it worth it to have a language dictionary...

  doubleohseven  |  0

"Honestly, I would prefer to speak using grammar perfectly. Why wouldn't I? I am not a 'Grammar Nazi' because I am not perfect at speaking English, but I try."

Don't sweat it, English is actually really difficult to master, and 90% of Americans use it poorly every day. The only way you can learn correctly is school and practice. So keep it up! :)


This girl I work with does. One of the toilets at the movie theater we work at was clogged. She thought it was interesting. So she took a picture. Me? I think it's absolutely fucking disgusting. :P

  slurshies  |  11

pour les gens qui corrige encore les erreurs de 'déjà vous,' je pense que vous pouvez arrêter. nous conprennons qu'il voulait dire 'déjà vu.' give him a break! seriously.