By Marie - 27/07/2010 07:46 - Canada

Today, I was walking towards a group of guys playing basketball, who stopped and stared at me while saying, "Daaaamn..." As I passed them, one of them said, "She looked hotter from a distance." FML
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haha I hate it when people look hotter in the distance

ydi for being fat I hate fat people just go work out

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danggg, #12 is right, that sucks :(

who said OP was fat? I DK why OP is complaining! At least they didn't say OP was fugly up close, just 'hotter' from far away!

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Good from far but far from good. haha

I agree, make them a dam sammich to change their minds about you

You should probably pretend you didnt hear that :P time to decide whether you don't care or re-evaluate yourself. I suggest not caring :)

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lol thts a burn. the guys are rude. and u shouldn't let it go to ur head. so this isn't much of an fml:)

lol, at least think your still hott? from a distance better, but still hott at least

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still that sorta suckss ... YDI for being hottter in distance && Ok upclose [ JK ] ..

it's funny because u weren't actually hot

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just get some massive DD implants and lose about 30 pounds. while your at it, lipo the fat out of your thighs and arms, bleach and straighten your hair, get some stiletto heels and short mini skirt. do these few simple things and you'll be ok

u looked hotter ur still hot take it that way

That's the ******* fifth time someone says that! Read people, read.

hey! I know! someone else put "good from far, far from good." because it needs to be posted like 150 more times!! brilliant!

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damnn 12 u beat me to it!! everything was hott but her face baha

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haha that sucks but your only semi ugly

You look like my friend's dad. Were you in the Strongest Man Competition?

Anyone else read #65 in the voice of Sarcasm Guy from Family Guy?

18, shookitup, definitly would be hot up close

Aww that's still mean to say though. But yeah at least they didn't say you're ugly.

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I think 10 more people should say good from far, far from good because we all want to hear it some more...

More like a Monet. Looks good from a distance, but when viewed up close, it's all kinds of ****** up.

good from far far from good SUCK IT gay boiiiiiiie!

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Today, I'd never heard the "good from far, far from good" comment until now. In this single FML I'm already tired of it. FML

I'm not going to lie, I say that a lot. seems like a lot of girls have general beauty but the details aren't there.

(Lol! Sounds like something my brother would say) And OP, don't worry what they think and suck it up.

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well, atleast you look hot from a distance.

I could see a Mexican saying that xD at leasts that's how I picture it in my mind

Here in NYC we call that a Long Range SCUD. Lookin' good from Long Range but up close you're like Ew...Scud.

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hahaha.......OP your probably were walking around like your shit don't stank, all stuck up. but if your face is bumpin then there's no saving you

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ha that was me and my friend frank

maybe ur still cute? he said hotter, not hot

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"pretty from afar and afar from pretty..." I heard that Like 4 years ago

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oh well maybe you're still hot

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meh, I say, sucks that your ego is fragile.

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u shouldve stayed at a farther distance. or just dropped the mother fucka who said that

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a lot of times, you might look hotter from a distance. not necessarily an FML, unless they say "scud".

Lol. As me and my friends used to say. Nice from far, but far from nice. And don't worry OP, I'm sure there's a near-sighted guy out there just for you. ;-)