By Marie - 27/7/2010 07:46 - Canada
Today, I was walking towards a group of guys playing basketball, who stopped and stared at me while saying, "Daaaamn..." As I passed them, one of them said, "She looked hotter from a distance." FML
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  nabo4u  |  0

just get some massive DD implants and lose about 30 pounds. while your at it, lipo the fat out of your thighs and arms, bleach and straighten your hair, get some stiletto heels and short mini skirt. do these few simple things and you'll be ok

By  Jimboom  |  11

Lol. As me and my friends used to say. Nice from far, but far from nice.

And don't worry OP, I'm sure there's a near-sighted guy out there just for you. ;-)