By Anonymous - United States - Janesville
Today, my instructor turned up late to get me for my driving test. I soon realized something was seriously wrong. Turned out his wife left him last night, and he'd been drinking the pain away all morning. He ended up rear-ending another car, and now I have to reschedule my test. FML
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  mukduk  |  21

I must be reading it a different way. OP didn't get in the car with their instructor. The instructor was late because he rear ended someone on the way to picking up OP.


Everyone please. It clearly states the instructor turned up late, meaning he actually made it there. OP probably hopped in so the instructor could drive to said test location, and he rear ended someone on the way. How in the hell could OP find out his instructors wife left him and he was drunk? He had to have been with him. I don't know who else would have given him that info, they wouldn't and couldn't. Boom! The end

  slyde32  |  12

he drove drunk, the instructor should have rang op and told him the situation rather than get in the car pissed and drive to take him for his test. He could've killed someone, I don't think op needs to be more empathetic at all