By dasteve - 29/11/2011 05:45 - United States

Today, I won $20 on a scratch ticket my grandma bought me. She wants it back. FML
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That's when you need to scratch the 'void if removed' part and give it back to her

Lol! Tell her "love you grandma" annnnnnd run :)


pimp slap that greedy bitch.

Lol! Tell her "love you grandma" annnnnnd run :)

And by the time she catches up to you, she'll forget about the ticket

Oh beautiful Alzheimer's...

I know it is the grandchild's money, but really, $20? Who cares.

Though Im sure OP could easily outrun her grandmother I don't believe it is necessary... just use that old decaying memory to your advantage. "What ticket grandma?" Sure it won't work he first time you say it but after a few times just sit back and watch the confusion glaze over those already cataract covered eyes.

Im not sure.. You see,, not ALL old people have memory problems!

45, half the population, the economy isn't at it's best right now.

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Simple: Go use one dollar and buy another one to give her. (scratch it first to make sure it's not a jackpot winner)

Ask her to buy another ticket for you And slap her with the winning ticket for a million bucks

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she wants it back because its a winner

There's NO way I could have figured that out on my own, 77.

25- Ya that's not funny my nan died and had severe problems with that disease. If anyone has a dearly loved one who suffered with alzeimers ( I know I may spell it wrong) you know how awful it is, please don't make jokes about it!

No shit Sherlock

Slap a wrinkled ho.

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91- my grampa died from Alzheimer's and my gramaw from cancer. I still find those jokes funny as hell

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Sharing is caring. :)

What if they don't care?

ikickgingers 15

Then they are a shitty grandchild? Who's going to argue with their gran about 20 dollars? My mom would've smacked me and told me mind myself.

rexgar2000 10

shit, that will fill my gas tank, or twenty packs of gum! GUM!

ikickgingers 15

20 will fill your gas tank? What the fuck do you drive and where can I get one ???????

m0tl3ycru3 0

What vehicle only has a 5 gallon tank?

ikickgingers 15

Nevermind. Rexgar is Mil, you get your gas on base don't you ??

Does that same rule apply to people with STDs?

That's when you need to scratch the 'void if removed' part and give it back to her

That doesn't exist...

chickenwalrus 14

YOU don't exist.

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She just needs some cash for bingo.

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I figured it would be for depends and purse candies.

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Or she's a cheap ass.

6th .... oh and tell her it was a gamble and the money is now yours

You'll get it back eventually... Play the long game :}

Get another one using the money you won and give that one to her...

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

And if OP doesn't win money what's the point?

What about giving the grandmother the money that the ticket cost? Or just be a decent person and give her the 20 bucks. Seriously. It's only 20 dollars.

fine if 20 dollars doesn't mean anything to you then give me 20 dollars.

Why would OP be less decent if he keeps the money? In all honesty, it's the grandma who should be more decent. She gave it to him, now she shouldn't demand him to give it back. Besides, maybe 20 pounds isn't much money to you, but for some people *looks at herself* it is.

If it were my grandmother I would hand it over without a second thought. However, my family is so destitute that they are in desperate need for 20 dollars. So I guess I find the situation unrelatable.

i agree with 9

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It's only 20

kikiwi_fml 9

You'd think that's what the grandma should be thinking instead of being a bitch about the scratch card she bought FOR OP... Grandparents...

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She probably needs the money more than you do. Good thing it wasnt a 1000. Now THAT would be an FML.