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Today, my boyfriend came home, chugged a beer, and passed out in our bed without saying hello or goodnight to me. I've been on vacation for a week and was hoping to cuddle. But no, if I try to touch him, he hits me and growls. FML
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cradle6 13

And you're with him because...?

RedPillSucks 31

Growls? That's what you get for dating a dog.


So wait if my girlfriend wants to cuddle and I don't want too and I swatt your hand away I'm abusive? Then what about a girl who denie her boyfriend sex? Is she abusive? What's wrong with you people?

No one used the term "abusive" and OP said he hits her.

itsame0987 18

82 denying sex is in no way abusive.. However a man should never hit, slap, punch or kick a woman under any circumstances.

161, then the same applies for women. They can't hit us if we can't hit them.

People are crazy. People on this site a lot of them are calling the boyfriend abusive for swatting her away and not wanting to cuddle. I'm sorry to tell you but most girls do the same thing to guys why doesn't anyone tell the boyfriend to leave? Unless I misread the FML and the OPs boyfriend was full force backhanding then that's entirely a different story. But maybe I'm supposed to live to serve my Gf/wife every time she wants something no matter how I feel.

161 what's with under circumanstes rule? I'm sorry but if I deserved to get my shit beat out me I'll take it but it doesn't mean I won't fight back. If a guy causes trouble it's okay to hit him don't worry. But if you hit a woman for doing much worse your the anti Christ. What's with the double standards people illusion into their minds?

190- I agree! Men shouldn't hit women, but some women are abusive and shouldn't hit men too. It's a hidden issue in society because many men would not say anything.

"when I try to touch him, he HITS me and growls" You're right. Because the normal state of your significant other should be DRUNK and HOSTILE.

cradle6 13

And you're with him because...?

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That an abusive relationship. You need to leave him

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40- there are other forms of abuse besides physical. There's verbal, mental, and sexual. You don't have to have a black eye to be abused. OP: I seriously think you should leave him. He's not worth your time.

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If he's ignoring her and refusing to acknowledge op's needs, he's being abusive. He may not be beating her, but it's clear that she feels really hurt and neglected by his behavior. Ok, so he's tired, but quite frankly that isn't an excuse. Op, you need to leave him. It seems obvious that he has no respect for you, and doesn't really love you. Sorry, that's a hurtful thing to say but telling yourself that it'll get better later or that he'll change never works. He won't change and it'll only get worse.

cradle6 13

It's not abusive. OP's boyfriend is an asshole, and she should leave him, but he's not abusive.

91- she went on vacation isn't that ignoring needs. Everyone needs sleep op should just talk to her boyfriend instead of dumping him and if he doesn't care that's when you think about dumping him

The real question is... He passed out from ONE BEER? That's pathetic :P

Oh dear, 75. Please explain to me how the guy is to blame for mental or emotional abuse. I don't see this as any sort of abuse. If she doesn't want to get hit, she should stop touching him. I'm sure he's not exactly punching her in the face. Is the guy a dick for not saying a single word to her and making an effort to ignore her attempts at showing affection? Yes. He is. But being a dick isn't the same as being abusive.

Leave now, life is too short for that crap.

Not knowing the whole story, maybe he is upset that she went away without him. Felt ignored and decided to ignore her for a day in return. Childish but not abusive. As for the hitting in his sleep, I'm not an abusive person but I do swing at people who touch me when I'm in a deep sleep. I don't exactly have control. I mean yeah, he could be an abusive ass or we may just be seeing one side to a story that puts the other in a poor light. Not enough of info to jump on the get out of that relationship bandwagon, IMO.

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I don't get how you can judge their entire relationship off of an fml, how do u know she isn't an annoying little ****

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yeah uhhhh op didn't say she was being verbally or sexually abused... and I don't think shooing her away is a form of physical abuse.

71- I agree with you. The guy is definitely not abusive and is probably angry with her that she went on a week long vacation without him. So YDI

kikiwi_fml 9

150: "if she doesn't want to get hit, she should stop touching him"? Really? What a man.

He could have just been swatting at her, not literally hitting her. If he didn't have the energy to do anything else besides drink a beer and go to bed, he probably wouldn't have the energy to get up and slap her or anything.

He's not abusive just a ******* dick he gets home chugs a beer and passes out without saying hi, omg I'd be so angry I'd go punch him in the face for not kissing me and saying hello!!! That's not a boy friends.

She deserves to be hit and growled at for wanting basic human interaction? **** you!

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Agreed yours sounds like a complete ass!

Shit I will take him, and I will treat him right.

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Maybe he was tired from work an it was only one night?

Exactly, 3. What kind of pussy lightweight drinks one beer then passes out?

Mister_Triangle 21

I'm available and open to cuddling

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um what you just said didn't make any sense at all she's a terrible girlfriend not even happy to see you? I'm assuming you mean terrible boyfriend

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No, I think he meant the OP is a terrible girlfriend, because the boyfriend didn't want to even see her. Either way he's stupid.'re*

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You have no way of know is he or she ACTUALLY is terrible. All the comments saying leave him and stuff you don't know what happens in their relationship. And maybe SHE did something while she was gone. Who knows. But you can't she she's a terrible girlfriend or the he's a terrible boyfriend. You don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Therefore you cannot say she should leave him and vice versa.

She's a terrible girlfriend, the guy obviously wasn't too stoked for her to be home.

emcj2011 0

You don't know her maybe she is terrible maybe not but you really don't have enough proof to say so. Maybe he was drinking then came home for one last one? Maybe he was at work and had a long day? You'll never know, but saying shes terrible when you don't know her life or have proof other than what was written. Also who knows if this post is actually true. I see so many and you know you have to wonder if someone just made it up for attention. I guess we never will actually know.

You are the type of person who ruins sites like this you trolling piece of shit.

RedPillSucks 31

Growls? That's what you get for dating a dog.

Everything tastes better with rabies. YAY rabies!!!

Double post, original comment showed up 10 min later.

Sometimes when dogs are left to their own devices for a while they turn feral. Sounds like what has happened here. Just put a leash on him.

rexgar2000 10

for some reason I read this with AL's voice from FMA

give him not affection! hugs kisses or anything you will mentally destroy him

olpally 32

Your comment mentally destroyed me..

The guy is from Montreal, they only speak messed up english there.

this world got his pants backwards and quebec shit happens like clockwork **** me eh!