By 7thwardlord - 21/08/2017 16:00

Today, I decided to be nice and "drop" a twenty in my grandma's house for her to find. She injured her back while picking it up. FML
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Sounds like you’re trying to “drop” Grandma and get your inheritance sooner.

Why not just "give" the 20 to her?


Sounds like you’re trying to “drop” Grandma and get your inheritance sooner.

Wow! I wonder what would happen if you dropped a fifty in her house.

Lobby_Bee 17

Why would you even have your grandma bend over to pick up anything when you are there? You should be picking up stuff for her whenever you can.

My interpretation was he/she wanted their grandma to find it later, and possibly think it was hers that she lost and keep it. A lot of elderly people won't ask for help because they get embarrassed admitting they need hand outs, this is a win win for all! Well, theoretically it was...

Lobby_Bee 17

There are many other places you can put a 20 dollar bill for her to find without having her strain herself. Or you can just take a 20 out and tell your grandma you found her 20 and hand it back to her. Giving grandma money is a nice gesture, but 20 on the floor is not well thought out.

Why not just "give" the 20 to her?

A lot of people won't accept money, especially from children/grandchildren

Perhaps, but by "give" you can leave it on a table or counter top.

azouwa 26

kitchen counter, bathroom sink, dresser, pocket of her fav sweater ... don't EVER leave something on the floor for anyone over the age of 75 to pick up. Now you know why.