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Today, I was telling a new friend of mine about my boyfriend. I told her his name and where he is from. She interrupted me and says, "Yeah drives a big white truck, rides dirt bikes?! I dated him two years ago!" This guy and I have dated for four years. FML
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This is why all the babies look the same in small towns.

applebee_16 0

that is horrible. I'm sorry. you should screw with his head then leave his dumbass. or cut his balls off for being a lying cheater


Thats exactly what I was going to say :p. Ouchh.

Wow, that really sucks. I'm sure he doesn't deserve you anyways. That happened to me once and well its gunna be the last I'm sure.

it's called getting together and gaveling a 3some!!! damn I have to come up with everything haha

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well at least he broke it off?...nah go knock his punk ass outt lol

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"Drives a big white truck and rides dirtbikes"..... Most of those guys are douche bags anyway. at least in Souther. California they are.

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I drive a black truck and ride dirt bikes.. :)

#42 or this new friend broke up with him. From the sound of it, she isn't excited about the guy. Time to date someone else and see how he feels.

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thank you all for playing: oh no you didn't!

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that is horrible. I'm sorry. you should screw with his head then leave his dumbass. or cut his balls off for being a lying cheater

leave his balls alone... cutting off balls is a very bad suggestion!!!!!

whose to say his balls aren't already cut off, hypothetically, for speaking about the orginization that we're not suppose to speak of, were it to exist.

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21: when having guy troubles...threatening to cut their balls off is always the soulution! so do it Op!!(:

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seriously... 2 words... baby oil ..... while he takes a shower put it all on the floor (bathroom floor) and beat him wit the belt when he gets out!! ;P

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Wow #74 you really made my day!

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maybe he shoulda thought about that when he decided he was going to be an asshole and cheat on his gf. :p

74 How do you know he isn't into that type of stuff. He might like it rough or something....Anyways still would be hilarious to see him get whopped

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you are what most people like to calll..... crazy!!!! "oh no he cheated a while bakk, lets mutilate him and let him bleed to deathh thatll make it better..."

That's not crazy she didn't say that, She is pissed that He boyfriend was cheating on her for 2 years that's not crazy you cant have a relation ship with two people at one time that's all. He was cheating for 2 of the years going out with her best friend and you think that's ok? 2 years isn't a short time.

This is why all the babies look the same in small towns.

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actually it's because of inbreeding :P

I don't c where she mentioned that her bf dated her new gf while dating the op?

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You really don't? Because it's right there. OP has dated him for four years... new friend dated him 2 years ago (while OP was in a relationship with him). time to start paying attention in math.

There should be a comma after "subject". You're combining two full sentences with different subjects. :D

The period in your first sentence should be inside the quotation marks. Periods are always placed inside of quotation marks, regardless of logic. =) Just wanted to keep this train going.

#43: That's not true if you're not American. I am American, but I choose to use the British/Canadian/rest of the English-speaking world's version.

I live in Tennessee. Allow me to demonstrate proper grammar as it is known "where I live". -What you be up to? Sit that pencil down. My cat and dog is dead. Yesterday I has a cold. So, I should speak like that? Thanks, but no thanks. And no, I'm not confusing common grammar with proper grammar. They teach people to talk like that in school. I'll take LOGIC over blind following any day, even if it's on an important document of some variety.

Ok, but this is a stand of mine. It's not what's considered the "right" way to do things, but I refuse to do them any other way. I don't use any other British stuff because it's no more logical than the American way, unlike the quotation mark issue. It's just a dialect. It's not like I'm speaking Spanglish or something where I'm combining two entirely different languages. I know people from the northern US that say "y'all". It's quite the same.

#59, what? I'm the one being set in my ways and going against the flow. Jeez, personal vendetta much?

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People who try to seem intelligent on FML do it to feel better about being average or below average in real life. It's not that hard to be a know it all with perfect spelling and grammar on the internet when you can look anything up online.

#64, I'm not sure to whom you're referring, but I know I'm not trying to compensate. I'm also not using Google or any other search engine. I'm not trying to sound smart or get attention. I just find it easier to write/type with proper grammar and spelling so that I can read my own writing. I also enjoy a nice debate about anything thought-provoking. However, I live in Tennessee. No one here is able to hold a conversation that doesn't involve drugs or their next baby. So I find it fun to talk about things on the internet with a little bit of depth. I could care less if I impress anyone. :)

Honestly, I think Snik and Tox both do this bantering for the sheer fun of it. They don't seem negative or pretentious to me. I could be wrong, but I think the intelligent conversation is more for pleasure than exultation...

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Intoxicunt, you with It. Your both equally retarded for talking about correct grammar, and I doubt you know anything about British grammar, seeing as it's the same as "American grammar."

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you reaaaally need to get laid snickerdoodles, and i don't give a shit about how proper my comment is, I literally made an account just now to tell you that you are a pathetic person..... toodles! : )

snicker, do you go to Troy high school? I think I think I saw someone who looks like you.

how bout y'all shut up and enjoy the **** fml...and snickersoodles is right..Canada and Britain don't put periods, comma's, or other puncuation on the outside of commas, you retarded blonde

You guys (not Snickerdoodles) are ******* idiots. There. Read it, you uneducated sacks of shit, before telling ME I don't know what I'm talking about. And this wasn't an argument. It was a debate over something worthy of putting thought to. I'm sorry if your puny brains go haywire at the sight of a conversation that isn't, "omg lulz dat sucks the end." Oh, and having your comments moderated looks like a lot of fun, there.

seriously you are ******* annoying, if you want to go have stimulating conversations go on facebook and write on each others walls. Or better yet just PM each other and stop writing irregardless bullshit on FML, nobody gives a shit how something is puncutated, spelled, or anything else people always bring up. If you're smart enough to notice an error on FML pat yourself on the back;however, don't waste ******* time posting about it

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@65 I truely enjoy reading your comments. However, one of my biggest pet peeves are when someone says "they could care less" when I feel it should be said "they couldn't care less". If you could care less you have room to care more. Do you see the differents or is it only me?

I am not trying to say to **** off or anything, I am just saying that making comments that are funny are a lot more entertaining then comments about grammar. If your not funny keep on trying but I would rather read a bad joke than some stupid convo about grammar or punctuation. I don't hate snicker or anyone else that has been given the title of Grammar Nazi but a lot more people would appreciate your comments if you would leave comments that are not about grammar

#113, no, you're right. I just didn't feel like going back to fix it. It's a pet peeve of mine as well, but I say it out of habit. Other people: Skip our comments if you "don't want to hear about" the topic of our conversations. Your scroll bar won't break.

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I can come up with 3 guys named Eric Pine who fit that description. If its a common name and you're from an area with guys who do that.. Maybe he wasn't cheating? Chances are he was, though

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Take him out on a date and have your friend show up.

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I'll tell you what he rides...

um... Is it possible the girl you were talking to was just trying to create drama? She might be a friend or past associate that wishes she dated your BF. It's happened to me before. girls can be homewreckers when they are jealous. However, if he did cheat on you two years ago, there is a good chance he is still cheating.

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that's true, girls can be so very bitchy when another girl has something (or someone) they want. I know, I have a boyfriend and some not-so-angelic girlfriends.

I was thinking that maybe the girl was exaggerating the time, and it was actually longer ago than 2 years. When I dont know the exact time frames, I always say whatever comes to mind.