By Anonymous - 30/09/2012 01:37 - United States - Duarte

Today, as my boyfriend and I were getting hot in the bedroom, he stopped right before he entered me and said, "Knock knock!" He refused to continue until I replied, "Come in." FML
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So much win, give the guy a medal!

I guess "Who's there?" wouldn't have been appropriate.


So much win, give the guy a medal!

It sounds clever to us, as none of us are currently approaching climax (I hope). But it would be quite the turn off to try word play in the bedroom.

Glad I've never fucked you, 16. Puns are SEXY!

beccaishereyay 11

Exactly. How is this not adorable? Why would you want a boring guy anyway?

There are other ways for a guy to be interesting that aren't a complete turnoff in my opinion.

16 - Bullshit! I'm using that one next time I get laid... Wait, that means I'll never get to use it, fuck.

It's so that she can't call 'rape' later on. You know, since she let him com in.

16 how do you know that Nobodies approaching Climax right now?

That's why he added I hope... Why would you masturbate to FML?

Hummm,come in, and cum in are different things!

20- probably also because 16 is a man

Big_lama6 7

You actually gave in and said it?

icameastito 3

haha if she gives in to that, then OP really wants the D!

And she didn't videotape with whispering narration. Why?

citymayer 7

Right?! I would have been like, "No way. Go fuck yourself."

A little joke is hardly the worst thing that can happen during sex

Ha,81- literally :D

lacespace 8

This was his version of a discussion on whether or not to have children. He votes yes.

I hope you didn't get knocked up.

66- so according to your profile, if I accept rule from the llama queen, does that mean you'll always thumb up my comments?

When you're about to come, say something like 'Ready or not, here I come' to turn him off.

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

that doesn't really sound like a turn off..actually sounds pretty funny:'D

Ummm why would that turn him off? Many guys get turned on knowing they're making their girlfriend come.

I don't know about anybody else, but that would get me even hornier

Caliborn_06 11

Should have told him you don't answer to solicitors ;)

Haha that would have been hilarious. But I have a feeling OP really wanted her BF in her. It sounds like she answered yes.

IworkAt711 14

Maybe hes a vampire.

lebronesque73091 12

You show have said no one's home.

And I bet you folded like a wet towel and gave it up anyway. Tsk tsk

Tsk tsk? It's her boyfriend and he was having fun, what's so disappointing about it?

He was just tryin to have a bit of fun an be spontaneous.

Should have let him keep knocking.

I guess "Who's there?" wouldn't have been appropriate.

perdix 29

I'm wondering how many times she tried "Who's there?" before she finally got it right. Knock, knock Who's there? Cumin Cumin who? Cumin you. That's how it's done.

Haha it was just his way making sure it was consensual sex

That or he's a vampire.