By xXEndlesslullabyXx - 05/06/2011 18:15 - United States

Today, my grandmother's excuse for not going to my college graduation was because she'd already bought her bingo card. FML
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that's a valid reason :-P

hamster_10 2

she's got priorities, got to respect that ;)


that's a valid reason :-P

Hey- She might actually win something.

That's true. She could win a few bucks from playing bingo. What would she gain out of going to your graduation? Memories? Pffft, over-rated.

people have priorities you know!!

And who knows, maybe she'll give you the money as a graduation gift!

I know there's a chance she could win $50 you ungrateful bastard. how dare you suggest her to come to your collage graduation.

graduations are boring

captainsuperdawg 0

i don't mean to get all religious but amen to that

heck I don't want my grandma at my college graduation...

zuzupetalsYO 11

extremely boring!

and who cares? You're (hopefully) gonna party afterwards anyways.

ryrywakaka 0

that sucks but I think ppl these days don't really think convo is such a big deal

what fml did you read

yeah really which one

ryrywakaka 0

convocation = graduation ? get some education

you're a poet and you didn't even know it

burnsy1534 6

well to most people, "convo" is short for conversation so how bout you get some education.

xxxlovesENEMYxxx 0

old people love the bingo! but fyl

eww, wow. but ya know, old ppl...

alzheimers has nothing to do with this...

wtf? dude wayy off. that literally has nothing to do with bingo.

Alzheimer's is when you forget stuff dude.

36, He must have forgotten.

Random disease much??

jmtmxer 0

31- fallout 3 !!! (-:

38, good one ahah !

amazing 31 fallout ftw

partaytayy 3

haha wow. but no one really wants to sit thru hours of names being read.. but congrats

failblogftw 0


hamster_10 2

she's got priorities, got to respect that ;)

indeed. he speaks the truth

Gotta prioritize at that age. Granny knows what she wants.

XxMaseratiGurlxX 1

your grandmas a gangster.