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Today, I found the birthday card my grandma had mailed. Apparently, it contained a gift of $100. Too bad it was in my mom's trash can, opened, with no money. She told my grandma it must have gotten lost in the mail. FML
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If your mom stole your money, steal it back. But Op, sorry it happened :(

what is it with peoples parents stealing their kids money?! it's so wrong!


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I know right? OP, you should probably tell your grandma what happened >;] then confront your mother

Some Mothers these days don't know how to show respect, and are always crossing the line when it comes to their kids boundaries.

23 - Agreed! Tell your grandma; she may be old, but she still has some power left to send your mom to her room ;)

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Exactly ;] Give her a good old spank on the butt ^.^

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Yeah, my mom has also stolen money from me in a few ways before. What's worse though, is the fact that my little sister (who is only two years younger than me) practically robs her blind considering how much stuff she wants my mom to buy for her. So, indirectly, my sister steals most of my cash. And she's just a spoiled brat with a bad attitude and friends she doesn't deserve. THAT is why our refrigerator and cabinets are almost empty most of the time. (no money for groceries)

if your mum is like that get your mail sent elsewhere

*mum. In Europe that's how it's spelt, and some people not-in-Europe that's how it's spelt.

but we should all spell the way Americans do....clearly they do it so much better :p

I hate when people spell it "mum" ugh it's so annoying

..you're a dumbass, dude. Ever stop to realize that's how they naturally say and spell it in the UK? Grow up and learn some respect for other cultures, you backwoods bitch. OP, you really should do something about it. It's a federal offense to read another person's mail, even if you're said person's mother/father/aunt/uncle/etc. I'm not saying you should get your mom arrested, but something definately MUST be done.

Hell if that pissed you off heres another lil' fact for you in Scotland we say mither, mam or ma'. Get it up ye fool.

I hate it when people think that the American way is the ONLY way to spell things! Ugh! It's SO annoying!

I get annoyed even hearing "mom" hehe so American. I'm Scottish, my mother is "mum" and other peoples mothers are "yer ma! waaaayyyy!"

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times are tough because parents steal all the money and suddenly theres none in the economy

7, that made so much sense, you should give yourself a high-five in the face.

actually that does make a lot of sense. the economy only works because money is circling from buyers to sellers in a continuous loop. if people start hoarding money then that cycle is broken and the economy starts to fall apart.

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Or you could argue that the mother was in a better position to spend the money, thereby pumping it back into the sagging economy. So the mother is actually helping the economy, unlike the no good OP who'll just hoard it and brag to her friends about getting $100 from grandma jk.

If your mom stole your money, steal it back. But Op, sorry it happened :(

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steal from her purse and say it probably got lost in there hahahaha.... no thats bad lol

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steal from her purse and say it probably got lost in there hahahaha.... no thats bad lol

Exactly, steal that money back. Hell, steal $200 just so she knows how it feels. Also as soon as you can move out.

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I don't think stealing their money back is the right thing to do. No need to sink down to her level.

I think stealing it back is the right thing to do, and when your mom confronts you about it, say "You mean that $100 you stole from my birthday card from grandma then threw in the mail to cover it up?" Then take a picture of her face when she realizes she was caught bring a scumbag. And tell grandma, so she can bitch your mom out / kick her ass :-)

45 - It is the right thing to do ONLY in situations like this. And it isn't stealing if Op does it. It's taking back what is rightfully yours.

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Your mom's a bitch. But your grandma gave you 100 dollars? That's pretty ******* generous.

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Grandmas these days :] They make so much money off of bingo

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Yeah, inflation is making it harder to spoil your grandchildren to annoy your children every year isn't it?

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i think, this is just an idea, that u mom toke the money.

I think, this is just an idea, that you are stupid.

when you say toke fo you mean she rolled it up and smoked it?

Stupid mom, everyone knows ur only sposed to use twenties for that.