By Steve - 16/08/2009 17:04 - United States

Today, I woke up with my girl laying next to me in bed. When she woke up we started to get hot and heavy but all of a sudden our cat hops on the bed. I guess the cat was more important cause my girl got up started playing it instead of me. Cockblocked by another pussy. FML
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doubleAbattery 0

Is it just me, or have there been a lot of FMLs about cats lately?

She did the right thing. Seriously, my ex and I were mid-fuck when her cat decided it wanted some attention too. Ignoring him just got him more and more wound up until eventually he went ballistic and tore a chunk off me with his claws in that unpredictably traitorous way that only cats do. Not only was I cock blocked, I had a piece of my buttcheek missing, and she sided with the cat when I tried to throw him out the window.


TheFadedGuitar 0

Hahahaha xD

realggirl 0

HAHA! Totally agree, #1. YDI for referring to a cat, a living being, as "it!"

unkinged44 0

To scare all cats assume the doggy (style) pose

# 60 is an epic winner! Hell even the OP is a winner when it comes to sense of humor!

#59, if the cat is neutered (as it should be), then "it" is the appropriate pronoun.

myfishisBOBA 0

LOL 60. lolol

fu*k the anti flood protection lol

yashack 0

it's not that bad I've been cockblocked by a mentally retarded kid

whoisthisgirl 4

I'd pet the cat too...

He can refer to a cat as an it all he likes, considering they are the most retarded pet one can have... DOG PEOPLE UNITE!

Second place - the top-class loser.

Seconds the best, man.

dinosaursmoo 0

"First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the polka dotted dress." doesn't apply here.

electroboy_fml 0

Prove it.

klutzywriter 0

hmm i've heard hairy chest and treasure chest but never polka dot dress

dinosaursmoo 0

Hairy chest?! BAHAHA :D

cherrypieguy 0

KomuFF ur my favorite troll

Kiwi_Splash 0

Same here. Never heard of the dress one. Cats are beautiful, I so would've done the same.

haha never heard polka dot dress but I like it

doubleAbattery 0

Is it just me, or have there been a lot of FMLs about cats lately?

kenny22 0

yeah you're right..

sheagstaz 0

Cats suck

There are always FMLs about cats. Cats are adorable AND evil.

spidergirl41 0

Phrased perfectly. Nice goin'. I bet she's BI...afterall, she likes pussy-cats :D

dudeitsdanny 9

Hahaha, I was gonna reply with "That's what you get for wanting a second pussy in bed."

I love it when my boyfriend calls me "his girl".

was this the cat from the cockblocked by another pussy fml?

Meemer147 0

Hey FMLers, wanna find another site equally as funny as this one? Check out, not as gushy as MLIG or GMH. its also not as depressing as FML. find your happy medium at

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lmmmr 0

You sound really lame.

liteupthestage 0


I've reread your comment multiple times and yet I'm still confused..... Anyways OP, next time close your door. This is an accident that could've been prevented very easily. Stay off drugs kids and let this be a life lesson. *flies out of room shooting boogers everywhere

You should teach the cat to guide your cock, not block it.

hahahaaha!! Good thinking!

@9: LOL and buddy, it was a superbad reference thugbert=fail

I'm here all week =)

Well....if you're into beastiality you could do a threesome...

ChildrenOfFilth 12


some people actually do that.... its gross....

12 = fucked up >.>

SH1V3R 0

I hate cats.