By hbbbs - 02/03/2014 00:58 - United States - Palm Desert

Today, I was babysitting my 4-year-old cousin. She scraped her knee, and in an attempt to cheer her up, I put a refrigerator box over my head and waddled around like a penguin. She stopped crying, but only after I fell down a flight of tile stairs. FML
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Hello! I'm the OP. Just to confirm, I didn't get any major injuries (just a bruised butt!) Also, -didn't put box on the cousin because she's too short, so she wouldn't be able to walk in it -didn't realize the stairs because when the box was on, I couldn't see, so I seemed to have lost my sense of perception Anyway, thanks for all the "hope your not hurt"-ish comments! ♡

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Comet_Candy 23

Jeez, OP, that must have been terrifying... Just suddenly falling down the stairs covered by a box. I would have had a heart attack XD

#30's version clearly has an extra space after tile



Um, ouch?

I see that the pressure to make the first comment got to you.

Why does everyone always expect first comment to be something witty?

MichellinMan 20

Because if you say something totally obvious like, "that sucks." People get mad because there's a button for it, not a comment. I don't really care what you say, it's just a website.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#37: Well, most people see that there's no top comment, but can't think of anything to type, so they type something really stupid or irrelevant.

First comments are holy

Assuming OP was inside, a flight of tile stairs inside of a house are usually no more than 2 to 3 steps. When they build houses with more than one story they don't put in a tile staircase leading to the second floor. Houses are built with the owner's and their family's comfort in mind, they're not gonna let a bunch of people stub their toes every time they run up the stairs. Nonetheless, sorry OP, apply ice and then heat on those sore aches and bruises! Next time cheer up the little cousin away from the stairs!

61 - Stubbing your toe on tile or wood hurts just the same. I have three sets of wood stairs, a set of carpet, and a set of tile stairs. I've hurt myself on all of them. Ever heard of a grand staircase?

PainOfDemise 11

That sucks, but at least you got the kid to stop crying.

Well at least she stopped crying. But seriously OP ouch :/ sorry that happened. It sucks but it happens to the best of us. As long as you weren't seriously injured, then just laugh it off and move on :)

At least she cheered up, right? Hope you didn't hurt yourself too bad.

how could you not know that the stairs were there, i know you had the box on your head but you could have notice before?, at least the kid stop crying.

zidiko 10

OP waddled around, she moved. If you want to close your eyes and navigate through your house perfectly, be my guest. But I am sure you would trip over something or another.

maybe but still, i dont think i could fall in the stairs even with my eyes closed, but i see your point

Why didn't you just let the cousin play in the box? Everyone loves playing in boxes.

*rainbow hands* Imaaaaginaaation.

thought that counts. A for effort

Don't do stupid stuff to make the kid feel better. The best way to avoid tears is to yell "That was EPIC" and slap them a high five. And then make them promise never to do it again.

inner_peace 19

I think trying to make a crying kid laugh is better than trying to make pain look "cool."

Which is why you tell them not to do it again. The kid is FOUR. In five minutes they'll be drawing on the walls. As if they're going to remember.

I remember plenty of painful shit that happened to me when I was 4.

Maybe stick to giving her treats

Yeah, that's what I do. Well, I give the treat only if the children do tricks, like playing dead, rolling over, and jumping through hoops. I then play fetch with them and...... I'm a terrible person.