By 420curse - 05/05/2015 18:20 - United States - San Mateo

Today, I found out the "sex noises" I heard from next door last night, which I'd angrily yelled at my neighbor for, were actually from him having an uncontrollable seizure. FML
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I think a simple apology will help. Check in once and awhile and make sure things are ok. it will be appreciated


I bet you feel like a real asshole, huh? Lol

Agreed, O.P shouldn't have assumed his neighbor was having sex.

In OP's defense, 9 times out of 10 sex noises = sex noises

Should go and knock at someone's door in that case, instead of yelling.

"Oh hi, I hear you're having sex, can you please keep it down? Thanks" Even if the neighbor WAS having sex, it probably wouldn't have gone over well.

Yeah, it doesn't. I've had neighbors beat on my door before and I wasn't even making noise. :/. That's why I quit apartment living

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I seriously doubt they would answer.

You must think they are into some violent sex then! Don't jump to conclusions so fast next time, OP

@5 It doesn't have to be violent sex for people to make sex noises.

Why was this thumbed down? He obviously meant that if it was confused with a seizure then the sex must have sounded violent, duh.

Don't worry about these down votes. Totally respectable attempt... made me smile. I would thumbs up you twice if I could.

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Just imagine his thought while you were shouting at him.

As someone who suffers from epilepsy I'll just say (for me) you don't think or take in information from your environment when it happens.

Sparkly confetti vision. That's probably what he was thinking while OP was shouting at him.

In addition to what 24 said, I've had seizures before and the last thing I remember before having one was sitting back in my chair. The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor an apparent 2 hours later.

This may be ignorant but aren't most seizures pretty quiet? The person usually doesn't get enough breath to moan or cry out. How thin is OPs wall (and patience) that he even heard a seizure happening?

@64, depends on the seizures. The seizures most people associate with being seizures is known as gran mal in which you lose consciousness and there's full body convulsions. There's also petit mal in which you don't lose consciousness and is usually just twitches.

Sounds like a pretty enjoyable seizure

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only if he was giving a ******** at the time. yes, I know I'm going to hell for that one

I think a simple apology will help. Check in once and awhile and make sure things are ok. it will be appreciated

Most people have no memory of having a seizure, so he probably doesn't remember the yelling. Apologizing might make things worse.