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  Tripout  |  0

either she's loose (no disrespect) or the guy just doesn't know how to please his woman. oh yea, thier nieghbor watches them get it on. OP I have a feelin u fake it. that's never a good thing to do. if u want it to be better. give the guy motivation. PULL OUT A FUCKIN BOOK N START READIN ON HIS ASS. How much do u wanna bet he'd work his ass off and you'll actually get pleasure 

  vetter_fml  |  0

I think it says a little bit about all of them. The neighbor needs to realise that he can get as much free porn as he wants without being creepy on the internet. And the two he's watching need to work on their sex life.

By  sugarbabyxoxo  |  2

pornstar! do it! I would you make so much goddamn money! look at Jenna Jameson! she's amazing! one of my idols :) haha or buy some new drapes lmao. Hahaha that always works too lol :).

  sugarbabyxoxo  |  2

she's not my only idol ;) Marilyn Monroe... (and yes before she was a trend I have my grandmas and great grandpas dolls they used to have of her <3 my great grandpa was obsessed lol), Nancy Spungen, Britney Murphy, Nikki six, Dallas Green <3, and a few more. I just look up to these people and repect them. I've watched documentrys in Jenna, read her book.. it's not the fact that she's a porn star that she is my idol. I just think she's really neat :)

  BlueBomber  |  0

Just because you liked a professional tramp "before she was cool" (impossible for you, by the way) and you read the moneymaking tripe another puts on the shelf doesn't make them worthwhile icons. Why look up to any in the multitudes of successful, driven women when you can idolize a porn star?

The only reason this warrants a response is that I've never heard someone say they admire Jenna Jameson. Nothing new under the sun, I guess.

By  Lozza111  |  0

hmm... that's normal... not. ^-^. shouldn't that be an FML for your neighbour not u coz he/she has nothing better to do than watch you and your husband? that's pretty sad realy