By Sharkie49 - United States - Oceanside
Today, I paid top dollar for an Italian soda that ended up consisting almost entirely of ice. When I complained, the girl insisted that the soda water stopped the ice from melting. She said she didn't see what the problem was, and threatened to have me thrown out if I didn't "simmer down." FML
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  Meowingtons500  |  18

It's basically a customized soda. Where I'm from it's club soda with flavored syrup that's usually fruity and generally has whip on top. It's very good if made right and without too much ice.


Beat me to it 89. Over 90% of the worlds water is salinated, and therefore undrinkable unless you remove the salt. Machines can do this... But the machines are rare and expensive. The worlds fresh water and aquifer levers ARE declining at an alarming rare so we could realistically run out of drinkable water in the next decade.


Always order without ice. Ice is meant to keep things cold, the soda is refrigerated so it's already cold, and places just put ice in their so you get less soda but pay for more than you think youre really getting

  emilyjgraham  |  34

I personally also eat the ice :)
if you look really closely at the waiter/waitress' face, when you ask for no ice they almost look annoyed, it annoys me when you order a pint of coke and more than half is ice!

  ajsciri4  |  0

There's an Italian drink called a "granita" and it's SUPPOSED to consist of almost all ice. Know what you're ordering before you complain.


Is anyone else a little suspicious about the fact that this fml might be a little biased? OP had to do more than just ask what's up with his drink to get threatened to be thrown out. He has good reasons to be pissed, but I'm sure more was said to the employee on his part.

  AmbrosiaWriter  |  17

Not necessarily. I've been in several situations where I overhear a customer asking very calmly about something (be it a request/complaint/etc) and the employee gets affronted and threatens to throw them out if they don't stop shouting (which they weren't doing.)

Customer is not always right, but neither is the employee.

  chinkychick  |  16

I accidentally thumbed you up. Please take another thumbs down into account. I wouldn't want your tiny ego to grow when you realised that I thumbed you up when everyone thumbed you down.