By Anonymous - 16/03/2013 06:19 - United States

Today, I was getting intimate with my boyfriend, when my upstairs neighbor decided to take the longest piss known to man. He moaned the entire time. FML
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iLike2Teabag 27

Hey, sometimes relieving yourself can feel better than sex.


ripresno 10
crazytwinsmom 25

They probably already were and he was trying to point out that the sound carries between units.

He could be trying to pass a kidney stone

when you're passing a stone, you don't moan... you scream!!

iLike2Teabag 27

Hey, sometimes relieving yourself can feel better than sex.

I sometimes feel that way when I clean my ears with a Q-tip!(: Okay maybe not better but it still feels pretty damn good!

I always feel this way when researching something incredibly specific and actually finding a forum/thread on it.

#2- Totally. I am way louder whilst taking an awesome piss than I am in bed. Unless of course I'm scratching both itches at once...

Geometric 18

That's when you turn the tables on your neighbour and moan as loudly as possible.

He's pouring water from a bucket and moaning loud and long to try to get you two humping rabbits to shut up!!!

Harshdfml 14

What.. Did it last like an hour or so..??

Harshdfml 14

The fact that the piss was the longest one known to man itself is crappy.. Even if it lasted say, 2 minutes at most, waiting for a couple of minutes doesn't need an FML.

You have obviously not tried drinking 5 liters of energy drinks before :P

Harshdfml 14

The fact that the piss was the LONGEST in duration known to man itself is crappy. Even if the piss session lasted a couple of minutes, ATMOST, waiting till It finished should not be a big deal. An FML was far from required.

Laurenluvz 11

5 It doesn't really specify how long it was. It could just have seemed long to OP being the person who was hoping it would end.

He's probably getting back at you for moaning like a banshee with a megahorn stuck in her trachea.

I hope he's actually taking a long piss and not something else if he's moaning the entire time...

aalijahraj 10

Just piss! To me it seems two way which caused that kind of

Blast some nice music during sex to drown out any background noise. I'm gonna be your god - Slayer, for example, or just some Marvin Gaye, whatever floats your boat.

Personal, I had to put my Reign in Blood album away. It scared me how catchy some of the songs were because when I later read some of its lyrics ex:"Angel of Death" I was truly horrified! I'm more of a Queensrÿche- "Operation: Mindcrime" type of girl! (:

Slayer has some very disturbing lyrics, like Unit-731 and SS-3, which deal with genocide etc. Apart from that they rock. But it really drowns out all the noise, with more noise.

They also put on a hell of a show too. I've seen Slayer 3 times in concert but I went only to see their opening acts.(: They always had a huge following. The atmosphere's energy was incredible.

Awesome, I am going to see them live for the first time this summer in august on "Lowlands" a large dutch 3-day open air festival.

I would have to respectfully disagree, I love slayer but when they played with rob zombie they were not such a good show. They really should have played first, as rob is very theatric.

Rob Zombie opened up for Godsmack and I have to agree 100% His show was one of the top shows I've seen out of my LONG list of concerts. Last time I saw Slayer was at Mayhem. And they were great but could never compare to Slipknot. (:

Slayer doesn't do much with lights or theatrics. The fans make it a show to never forget. When I saw them Marilyn Manson was headlining and he has good stage shows but he sounded horrible

I love how you guys just started talking about metal bands haha

He was probably trying to drown you out.