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Today, on the bus, my friends and I gorged ourselves on a ton of candy. When it was my stop, I began to walk to the front of the bus. Upon getting off the bus, I tried to thank the driver with a mouth full of candy. It sounded like I said "Fuck you". FML
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Heyo. OP here! Yes, my parents always told me not to talk with food in my mouth... Haha. Though in this instance, since I always thank my bus driver, I figured I should just thank him despite the fact that I had a mouthful of candy. Didn't turn out the way I expected. Also, very true, #2. I probably should have savored it. Alas! The candy! Tis lost forever, a true tragedy indeed. ;-;

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Who eats candy all at once? Save and savor it.


Who eats candy all at once? Save and savor it.

Where's the fun in that when you can savor all at once?

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Who talks to someone with their mouth open like a rude bitch? If you don't want to be disgusting, just nod and wave. Then you wouldn't have sounded like an asshole by sounding like you said "**** you." I'm pretty sure most people know what you mean by nodding and waving; I do it all the time because I have social anxiety.

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pretty sure the driver understood that your mouth is full. such a thing is obvious.

Well (at least where I used to live in Los Angeles) people are dicks to bus drivers. It's sad. I've heard every name under the sun get used all of my times riding a bus (which was a lot since I went to college but had no car). This particular memory still makes me tear up even right now honestly. This fat lady was berating the bus driver for no apparent reason. She just seemed like one of those miserable types, trying to start problems with anyone who glanced her way. she started insulting him for having a job as a bus driver. This went on for a good 15 minutes, with her telling him how easy it is to graduate high school so what's his excuse, blah blah blah. Eventually the driver teared up, pulled over and yelled at her to get off, and that the only reason he took the job on was because his child has cancer and they needed the extra income. I'd never seen a driver snap like that but this lady was being truly horrible and people actually cheered when he made her get off. Oops this was mostly unrelated to the FML but I guess my message is to please be nice to your bus drivers because we are all humans with feelings and lives and their job is to take you from point A to point B. Without busses a lot of us would be ****** I think people should be more grateful!!

I found this more interesting than the FML..

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That's sick. Should have told her to try walkin that fat off or buy a car if she's so high and mighty. I pity her.

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#8, when I began reading your comment I thought "Did you really need to point out that she's fat?" By the end I was thinking, "That fatass bitch!" **** that lady.

Well at least the bus driver knows how you feel about yourself at this point...

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"If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, don't talk with your mouth full!" - Your Parents

Which is why most people's parents teach them not to speak with their mouth full.

This is why it's considered rude to talk with your mouth full.

Ydi that's disgusting. you don't speak with your mouth

Yes, I have now come to the realization that talking with a mouth is impolite. I shall talk with my nose and hands from now on.

Maybe you should have planned ahead, or not ates much at once. YDI for lacking manners.