By Andrew - 12/10/2011 01:11 - United States

Today, I was cuddling with the guy I'm dating and said, "You smell good." His response, "You don't." FML
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your a female and u smell??? you should know better

*facepalm* They were cuddling. OP says boyfriend smells good. Boyfriend says OP smells bad. It isn't that complicated.

15- Everyone has body odor. Including females. Please don't stereotype.

17, your reply was longer than the actual fml

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Do you smell of tuna... Cause a dirty pussy can smell pretty bad...

alejandratx 8

Maybe that's her bf name? Hope so.... O_o

For the last time... -____- OP is a GUY. Named Andrew.

36 what is that on your head? Its just hair then a red flap.

^ Flat bill of a red elmo hat. Thanks for asking nicely though.

I know of a girl named Andrew....She just goes by Drew now though. Think her parents just wanted to mess with her.

How do people not know they reek? Especially if you're going to see a guy you're dating, wouldn't you want to be fresher than a daisy?

Andrew. OP isn't a woman, hes a gay man. Is it really that hard to understand?

Xtra_Cheddar 3

So, a guy named Andrew is cuddling with another guy? That's disgusting, I got to go throw up now

40 - gaga for le man? oh dear. i don't doubt that will be on sale soon, actually ...

It's not mean. Out of consideration for other people (especially the one you are dating) you should have good hygiene. If I was stinky I would want my boyfriend to tell me so I could take care of it. Respect.

Anyone else scream out "DAMN!" in their head as soon as they finished reading this?

theten_fml 9

-_-, but I did whisper it to myself.

Anyone else scream out "DAMN!" in a crowded room while reading this on your mobile device and experience that extremely awkward moment when EVERYONE stares at you for a good five seconds? No? Just me? Alright...

ikickgingers 15

My coworkers already think I'm crazy, so when I talk to my FML app... I feel No awkwardness anymore.

I Did this in my class room..... Oppps! DAMN!!!!

Wow... I totally did!! U read my mind!! Hahaha

enonymous 8

5:1 odds she made a comeback about his small penis

There both men. Know your facts before you make your ridiculous comments.

Ferretface 13

He saw the OP use Andrew as his username or screen name thing, which possibly means they're both guys.

33 - enonymous doesn't need to know facts, he just puts out random comments that are usually very funny and relate to the FML.

OP being male doesn't change the odds of a small penis comeback

He obviously just accidentally clicked an s, hop off his dick.

enonymous 8

62- Vegas is sexist it's now 13:1 women are more likely to do this shit. Honestly I don't give a **** if OP was a guy, a girl, or that beaver that saves that one motorist from the bridge being flooded. I'll take a peek at the sex on the app but if none is listed then that's their fault and they will incur a heavy penalty.

gangsta beiber- know the difference and the spelling of your homophones before you try acting like a little bad ass and start correcting people.

Ouch! Maybe next time he could suggest jumping in the shower together. And also be aware of your B.O. Try keeping it fresh down there and he'll thank you! Lol

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A girl that doesn't smell good? But, but.. I've heard.... I call shennanigans.

He never said you smelled bad you just don't smell good