By Anonymous - / Friday 25 September 2009 17:42 / United States
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  plexico  |  3

It originally said "made." Someone went and fixed it. It would be better if there was a note that reflected the change so those of us who commented on the error don't look like idiots!


This has to be fake...on the day of you wedding you and the rest of your bridal party don't see eachother until basically the church cause you're usually busy doing your hair and makeup and what not...also if that just happened the last thing on your mind to do is post an FML unless you're seriously that pathetic...either way if you'd like to be around people or not right now you wouldn't be on this site to share your "fresh" wound...

  padantic  |  0

youre retarded. its not like they would have put "three days ago, i found my two best friends..."

To comply with the rules and regulations of the site, they put "today,..." even if it wasnt that day.

  nonotme  |  0

Anyone who calls their fiance/significant other their "friend" deserves it. It's sickening. Call them "boyfriend" "girlfriend" "fiance" "spouse" whatever, but calling them "friend" infers "just a friend" as in they mean little to you.


  animejen1988  |  9

So wait...she deserves it because she called her fiancé her "best friend?" What's wrong with that? Your spouse is supposed to be your best friend.

And for the record, this is directed to #78. I clicked on "reply" for her comment, but sometimes that doesn't work right.

  ashleynk09  |  0

seriously...the person you marry is supposed to be your best friend! so that day that she was supposed to marry one of her best friends...she lost two...so unless you ever experience a pain like that...you cant say she deserved it. Nor can you say she said he was her best friend for the sake of making this a better fml.

  moonshine_bek  |  2

I completely disagree, the person you marry is your husband/wife and your best friend is someone different. I was born on the same ward as my best friend and we have remained close for the last 23 years. She is not suddenly not my best friend because I get married. How ridiculous!

  plexico  |  3

And "made" is such a good pun when it's done intentionally. (It means "had sex with", to save you trip to the Urban Dictionary). Too bad the OP wrote it out of ignorance.

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