By nba - 30/05/2019 16:00

Today, my coworkers threw me a going away lunch, since I’m moving on to a better opportunity. Nothing reminds you why you’re leaving like being the last person to your own party, and picking over the minuscule amount of food scraps that are left. FML
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Sounds like a sign you didn't leave soon enough...

Piss poor planning on your part... shoulda gotten there earlier.

leximichelle 13

Seems they told OP about it after it started it. Or he/she was given the wrong time.

Nothing im the FML mentions anything about this, though. It reads like they're just late.

bluhbluhbluh 14

Wow! Talk about a GOOD RIDDANCE!

Traveling_Book 9

Not to be that guy, but they didn’t have to do anything for you. Sounds like they just wanted a reason to have an office party and used your going away as a disguise for it though.