By Anonymous - United States
Today, in an attempt to impress a girl I like, I tried to crush a soda can by hitting it with my forehead. Not only did I fail, I knocked myself out in the process. When I regained consciousness, the girl was gone and someone had taken the liberty of drawing a penis on my face. FML
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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I CAN actually imagine a girl liking that.. But she looks like Belle from the Powerpuff Girls and can pass gas out of any orifice on command. And queefs on command, too.

I'm talking trailer trash inbred.

And OP seems to fit that description, too.

Match made in the same gene pool.

  Surfer7456  |  7

If you can actually knock yourself unconscious with an empty can, you either punch like a hulk or have an active concussion. Either way, you're still an idiot for attempting to show your masculinity in that method.

  KMilliron  |  2

Your supposed to crush the can in with your fingers and crush it flat with your head RIGHT after. The only way this works is with proper timing . Youre stupid if you just straight up try to crush it or if it do it to impress someone.

  banana_buddy  |  6

No they should have removed all of his clothes and drawn a huge penis from his stomach to his forehead and then made a video of him running home naked with a giant penis tattoo, and then proceeded to upload that video to failblog.

  boopityboppity  |  11

You and #1 have gotten it precisely.
What went through your mind, OP? "ME CRUSH CAN! USE HEAD!" That's clearly the most you've used your head for quite some time.

  dudehaha  |  4

I just really can't see anyone be impressed even if he did smash it properly... just seems so stupid, she would have to be really deprate if she found that attractive.

By  sallen0046  |  4

In what world do you think a girl is impressed by some idiot crushing anything with his head? If you want to impress someone, why don't you try intelligent conversation instead of failed attempts at brute smashing.