By treehugger - 20/03/2012 09:47 - Singapore - Singapore

Today, since I was grounded, I tried to sneak out of my room to attend a party by climbing out the second-storey window and down the tree. I was unharmed, but I probably should have checked to see if my dad was in the garden before climbing down. FML
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I'm sorry but no party is worth me climbing out a second story window. I rather not have a life than have a broken neck.


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I bet his dad beat him with his hoe

Or his shoe because hoes are kinda heavy

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Guess who's still grounded?.... Smh

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U do know the object of sneakin out is NOT to get caught right op?

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Just gotta love the irony. Shall we add, say, 20 more years to your sentence?

Why was OP's dad in the garden at night?

It definitely doesn't say it's in the evening.

I can't even count the number of times I've seen this kind of thing happen on T.V. But if you're gonna escape from a window, you gotta be like Harry Potter and call over the Weasleys with their flying car. :)

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Rule #1 op! You can't just expect your parents to be out of sight

If you knew where he was you coulda walked out the front door. Planning my friend.....

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Ooh that sucks OP maybe try another window next time? That is if they don't chain you somewhere...

Try another window next time? No I think OP has learned his lesson

I'm sorry but no party is worth me climbing out a second story window. I rather not have a life than have a broken neck.

You should learn how to climb trees then.

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Eriksen's pic made my stomach turn. "BLAWW"

You people are freaking rude. Ignore the morons erikson -_-

agreed. OP shouldn't even be trying to sneak out to go to parties if he/she can't even spell story.

Actually story can be spelt "storey" but usually in British English. Good day sir

54 looks like she could be related to eriksen and 67 has a box for a head so I don't know why they're on their high horse!

54&67- Look, 54. You don't have your face in your picture, and 67 has a douchebag torso pic. So, you know....stfu.

Yes because climbing trees is very important in life.

No but a retard should be able to climb a tree lol

Lol OP, how were you going to get back up the tree? Probably all drunk too..

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#11 you're an idiot for thinking that all people must know how to climb trees.

Must've been quite a surprise for your dad :)

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20- There's no evidence that OP was grounded for sneaking out, so getting smart with her for asking isn't necessary.

Llama_Face89 33

24- OP is certainly grounded for sneaking out now.

5 asked why she was grounded in the first place. It could have been sneaking out, or not doing chores, or really anything. So answering her with an attitude was pointless.

112 is chill, she is just stating the fact that an attitude wasn't necessary to the question since it was completely valid...

112: I'm pretty sure they were trying out that newfangled "joke" thing

Wow , i bet you're rich . your house is huge enough to have a garden in singapore .

TheCaterpiller 6

There is quite a few nice houses in Singapore actually. So that comment was a bit stereotypical

TheDrifter 23

What he meant was those houses are expensive, not that houses in Singapore are not nice.

if your grounded how are you on the internet? or has the meaning of being grounded changed in the past couple years

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Not all people aren't allowed Internet when they're grounded. Whenever I'm grounded I just can't go outside

32- So when you get grounded do your parents just want you to get pale and play video games all day???

You're lucky when I'm grounded for the simplest things I get everything taken away.

32- Wtf, the one time I got grounded my parents sold my damn tv and wouldn't let me out of my room.

Or the OP posted it after they were no longer grounded. The today that the beginning is on every FML no matter what.

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Just walk out the door? Way safer and more effective than climbing out the window.

But she's grounded, so she probably can't just walk out the door.

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^^ I was gonna say that, but you beat me to it. So I thank you for pointing out the obvious.

He/she obviously can't sneak out the window either. You never know, he/she might have better luck just walking out the door since being a ninja from the second story doesn't work.

The whole purpose of "SNEAKING OUT" is NOT to be caught or seen, especially by the people(parents/guardians) who grounded him/her in the first place!! Sooooo...walking out of the door=getting caught which= more punishment!!!

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That was one of the dumbest things I've ever heard... If she's grounded how can she sneak out the front door jackass?

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Lol!! If I was your dad I would've beat you. You sound spoiled.

citymayer 7

Sorry if I think a good smack is deserved in some situations. When I was younger I would have never done things like this and I expect my kids to do the same.

The way you said it sounded bad. Of course; An idiot like OP hopefully doesn't reproduce either.

citymayer 7

Yeah..where I'm from we say we beat our children but we don't mean it like that. When we're talking about abusing people we say hit. Cajuns just don't make sense half of the time.

I don't see what the big deal is. I grew up in a family with a creole/cajun background as well and I used to get a good smack across the face whenever I disobeyed. Just as my other cousins did, and we all turned out to be pretty well mannered. The key is giving 3 warning and if the kid does the same thing you told them not to do for the fourth time, then explain your position about the situation and why what the child did was incorrect. Then smack them. Granted, different things work for different kids, but my point you can't just make someone look like the "bad guy" simply because they hit their kids. I mean you don't know what his kids are like.