By Samuel - 21/05/2010 19:12 - Canada

Today, I woke up to find my power was out. After taking a shower in the dark and being unable to make myself lunch, my power came on two minutes before I had to leave for school. FML
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you can't make lunch without electricity? WTF man. that's pathetic

I think your school finds it a proper excuse why you were late if you didn't make it in the end. It sounds like the black out wasn't only in your house so they can even look it up if it is that horrible your late


dude, who took a shower in the dark, that must of been cool! like a fool in school learning about punnett squares to find the likelihood of a cow giving birth to a mule!

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**** that I wouldve been's one thing to have to put up with the bitch of a math teacher that's old, hates her job, hates kids, hates her life, never gets any, and has decided to take it out on you...but to put up with her on an empty sir.

Wish there was a "Suck it up pussy" button!!!

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dude punnett squares were like the easiest thing in science class lol

Looks like you were in a DARK situation. Ha... ha... That sounded a lot better in my head.

#29, damn straight!! I want that button too!!!! too many FMLs are just whining *******!!

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Yeah, 29 FTW. That's exactly what I was going to say. Suck it up, this has happened to me at least 10 times

They have lunch before school in Canada and have not discovered candles yet??? Come on canadians you can do better! And isn't the shower run by the same electricity?

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Oh nevermind then. But I still dint get why they don't have candles...

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that's not so bad? I love when the power goes out. definitely not an FML

oh waaaahhh it's dark, and I'm hungry, and I'm late ,and blah blah blah. yes, you lead such a tragic life. quit your bitching and deal with it.

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he was making a lunch to take to school and yeah water providers usually have generators so they can't keep water coming to your house unless you like use a well stupid Amish (this is sarcasm just to warn the trolls that lurk on the FML boards)

He was making a lunch before taking it to school because he's not a fatass American that goes to McDonalds everyday.

Because he made his lunch automatically means he/she's healthy and I eat at McDonalds? GTFO you ignorant bigot.

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hey! keep your ignorant opinions to yourself, we have anorexics too! (sarcasm for all the trolls out there, but seriously, take a chill pill will ya? we supply most of your GDP so be content with the fatass Americans that stimulate and put money into your economy and keep your disrespectful and rude comments in that tiny head of yourn please)

27. Ms_jesse22 just want to let you know that i hate you. i cant stand that photo you post.

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10- we are just learning punett squares today! LOL what a coincidence

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dont bee mean 98! and boo fricken hoo op, get over it! haha it happens.

98- Alright cool. Thanks for sharing :)

this isn't even an fml! that happens all the time and if you were ready to go to school means it was daylight so it wasn't that dark (unless you go to nightschool) but still no fml here suck it up.

haaaaaa "doubt you'd say it to an American face to face?!" is that cos they are known for being hard? don't make me laugh... infact, bitch, go make me a sammich..

you are retarded @55. first of all... we have candles. second of all, showers is plumming, not electrical. just like in America.

It's called a joke. Obviously the op wasn't aware of this candle thing or there would be no FML...

if 92 said that to ny face, I would pull out a blade and slice her fat ass up because she proll ways 100,000 pounds herself, and is te one that eats mcdonalds

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@92 keep your apathy to you're self because obviously you are consumed by ignorance.

#123 it takes electricity to run the water pump that makes the water go through the pipes.

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thats what windows are for. i doubt you live in a windowless house/apartment.

#130, I don't think apathy is the word you are looking for... #135, I don't know if that's true for your home but it's definitely not true for mine and apparently not true for OP, either.

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You ignorant, dude. what does your comment have to do with ANYTHING?!

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lol I figured that out after I sent it

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buy lunch at school you wuss

Am i the only one that realises that the water has to use electricity to be pushed thru the pipes to get to u and OP wouldnt have been able to take a show even with the amount of water preassure left he wouldnt have enough time to rinse off :/ -.-

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where is everyone? is my phone messed up?

you fail. the fml was just posted.. ur phone isn't broken

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um if it was morning wouldn't it be bright outside? thus not needing electricity?

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well #134, I get up an take a shower at 4 am because I have cheer practice at 5. (lol, #3)

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Most of the time, their is not any windows in the bathroom

I think your school finds it a proper excuse why you were late if you didn't make it in the end. It sounds like the black out wasn't only in your house so they can even look it up if it is that horrible your late

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hey at least it came on! Ugh, I've to shower in the dark before, No Fun!

how do you take a shower with no power?

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that's the time when your woman makes you a sandwich for lunch

#9 because they don't run on electricity...?

yeah it does to heat it. mine won't work if the powers out.