By Tom - 10/03/2011 11:09

Today, after setting up surveillance in my front yard to see whose dog keeps crapping on my lawn, I finally caught the culprit on film. It was my heroin addict neighbour. FML
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Good thing...... now call the cops

I would go n shit on his doorstep then.. lol


Good thing...... now call the cops

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aids poop

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at least he didn't shat on ur car

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No! Don't call the cops yet! Observe his pooping schedule for a few days, THEN call the cops! BUT, tell them that there's a guy planting bombs in your front yard and your scared you'll step on one! Then just as he's squatted to do his 'business', the cops will come with their guns out, sirens going off, and they'll be yelling at him to pull his pants up! See if your neighbour ever poops again!

cocaine is a hell of a drug

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This brings back some classroom memories. I learnt in US History that cops are actually Communists. Oh, and so is Jesus Christ. In fact, most of our authority figures are Communists. Don't you just love public school?

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omfg I would seriously do that! lol

#81 I love your idea... devious... mwahahaha... OP.. you should do that....

Sorry, I meant #88

Good thing...... now call the cops

So? Go tell his junkie ass, don't be scared.

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The dude is on heroin, be scared.

#3 Why do you assume he hasn't done anything about it? lol

yuck. how you were not able to tell the difference between dog and human sized poops ? :-/

I have 2 Akitas, theirs are bigger than mine!

eww! lol. that's probably true. I was thinking op might live around small Chihuahuas or something...

we are both carnivores / omnivores therefore similar looking fecal matter. *gags*

That sucks, but that's funny as hell XD

can't you tell the difference between dog shit and human shit?? :-)

prolly just thought it was dog shit cause normally you wouldn't suspect a neighbor going into your yard to take a dupe.

haha that guy is funny. he should stop heroin and start getting high on the drug called Charlie Sheen..... WOW WINNING

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25, it's a heroin addict. His shit probably looked like dog shit for all we know. lmfao

I would go n shit on his doorstep then.. lol

Agreed, definitely shit on his doorstep multiple times!

and put it in a paper bag and light it on fire?

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go shit in his cardboard house

I like your picture.

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Wait... babyblaze aren't you a lesbian?

She's probably Bi...WINNING

Wait... Aren't you a stoner? Looks like you need to spit that joint out and quit creepin' on girls on FML.

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48 made my dau

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Chill guys, I'm pretty sure she was talking about the "I'm with stupid" pic.

oh your picture is just perfect with the banana above you lol!

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lucky. if I had the opportunity I would shoot his ass with a paint ball gun

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That's wierd...

or, shoot him in the balls with a tazer. Who the hell said Socipath? WHO!! *gets really pissed of over the internet and kills 15peoples with a fork*

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no one did. you're not mr edgy like you apparently think

Ewww doesnt a persons poo look different from a dogs though, just sayin

yeah cuz when you find poo in your yard you're going to smell it, and mesure it to see wether it belongs to a human or a dog.

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What normal person sits and examines the difference ?

Lmfao, the joys of junkies. I'd scoop it up and throw all of his own shit at his front door :) He is probably too ****** up to notice anyways.

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Tyron's fourhundred thousand dollar crack party. ( itches his neck) - Dave Chappell haha

hahaha couldn't agree more!